“He Takes the Bait Because He’s Drinking and Tweeting Every Night” – Attorney Mike Davis on Andrew Weissmann’s Crazy Tweets About Unlawful Mar-a-Lago Raid

Attorney Mike Davis trolled Andrew Weissmann and the corrupt actors in the Deep State while describing the corrupt DOJ’s unwinnable position in its Mar-a-Lago raid. Weissmann is the corrupt former DOJ employee behind the Russia collusion lie used as an attempt to remove President Trump from office, 

The Biden DOJ way overstepped the law when it performed the unnecessary (Trump was complying with the FBI’s requests for information on the documents he maintained in Mar-a-Lago), unprecedented (never before has the former President and the future President had his home raided by the FBI), and illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago (Biden’s DOJ and FBI had no legal basis to steal documents from President Trump).

Attorney Davis outlined the current status of the case where a special master judge is looking into the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

It’s becoming clear that the corrupt DOJ stole the documents from President Trump’s home to keep them hidden because they showed the Deep State’s crimes in their attempted coup of the Trump Presidency, a very serious crime indeed.

Davis shared that President Trump had every right to declassify any documents he wanted to, and he had every right to take whatever documents he wanted to with him when he left the White House.

The documents that the President took are also not the original documents that are still in the possession of the Deep State DOJ.  There was no need to steal President Trump’s records and certainly no legal basis to do so.

The Gateway Pundit has pointed out Davis’s arguments for weeks now.  We also pointed out this weekend how it looked like the crooked former DOJ employee Andrew Weissman is somehow related to this Mar-a-Lago crime.

Is Andrew Weissmann – “The Michael Avenatti of the Russia Collusion Hoax” – Also Behind the Mar-a-Lago Raid?

Steve Bannon pointed out to Davis this morning that Deep State actors like Weissmann were freaking out over the Mar-a-Lago raid and rightly so based on the law.   Bannon shared at the 8:00 mark below:

You’re coming in hot non-stop and you’re trolling some of the worst creatures on earth like Andrew Weissmann and his crowd who are, who take the bait often…

To this Attorney Davis replied:

He takes the bait because he’s drinking and tweeting every night apparently.

Bannon then shared:

Hold it, I want to say before I bring Kash in about Weissmann and guys like Marc Elias (Hillary’s former attorney).  They’re brilliant.  They’re twisted.  And Weissmann’s the most twisted that Trump has somehow deep in his psychy twisted this guy.   But you’re right.  The tell was when he said the other night that there wasn’t enought liquor in his cabinet to be able to work through the second term of Trump.  I mean, he said the quiet part out loud.  He knows it’s coming.  That’s why he’s freaked out.

Yes he puts out late night tweets that Mike Davis crushes.

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