SUPERCUT: As Democrats’ Prospects in the 2022 Midterms Continue to Wane – Party Leaders Preach Violence Against Americans (VIDEO)

It is becoming more and more apparent that even the fake news media will not be able to run cover for the Democrats as the November election approaches.

More Americans than ever are aware of the Democrat plot to destroy the country.

Joe Biden is the worst president in US history.

** Inflation is at 40 YEAR HIGHS — and it is NOT receding!
** Gas Prices are the highest they have ever been under Joe Biden — And this is a direct result of his anti-energy policies.
** Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and armed them with $80 billion in US arms – Including 600,000 weapons and 200 aircraft!
** The Biden regime KNEW there was an Islamist bomber in the crowd at the Kabul Airport but did nothing. This cost 13 young American lives!
** The Islamist bomber was released from Bagram prison after Joe Biden abandoned the important US asset.
** Joe Biden declared open war on his political opposition.
** Joe Biden and his Stasi FBI are raiding homes of political opponents on misdemeanor charges.
** Joe Biden opened the border to 2 million illegal aliens this year!
** Joe Biden allowed tons of illegal drugs entry into the country via the open border causing over 100,000 annual deaths!
** Joe Biden pushed the US economy into recession in 18 short months and it’s about to get worse.
** Joe Biden’s foreign policy is going to destroy Europe and could launch a nuclear war with Russia.

The only thing Democrats have going for them is the fraud. They can always count on millions of illegal votes to pad the margins.

This makes Democrats very angry.

And Democrats and Joe Biden are now openly calling for violence against the American people.
As if their policies were not violent enough!

Via Tom Elliott.

God save us from these wicked people.

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