SICK! AZ Superintendent Of Public Instruction Democrat Kathy Hoffman Sued for Directing Minors To Hyper-Sexualized Chat Rooms And Grooming Students

The Arizona GOP has announced a lawsuit against Superintendent of Public instruction Democrat Kathy Hoffman for grooming children and sending them to sexual chat rooms called “Q chat” for LGBTQ youth to talk about sex, gender, and relationships.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on this perverted agenda in youth media and schools nationwide.

According to the Arizona Department of Education’s website, “Q Chat Space provides online discussion groups for LGBTQ+ teens ages 13 to 19.”

First time users are directed to a signup page, where they must enter their personal information, including email, date of birth, country, state of residence, and ethnic background. Further, students are asked to identify their “gender identity,” “sexual/romantic orientation,” how they feel about their orientation, and if they are supported or not.

The website even has a button at the bottom of the page that says, “click/tap here for a quick escape,” allowing students to hide the page from their parents.

This forum is possibly a pedophile’s dream come true, and it appears that anybody can attend these meetings by simply lying on the form.

The upcoming chats feature forums titled “Let’s Go Lesbians!”, “Bisexual Awareness Week Chat,” chats “for youth of color,” and “for trans/non-binary youth.”

Users can also hide text reminders for these meetings through “discreet” delivery options.

Upcoming Q-chat groups

A video on the Q-chat website also promotes a highly sexual Comedy Central show called ‘Broad City,’ which features episodes titled “P*$$y Weed,” “Fattest Asses,” and “Mushrooms,” where the characters experiment with sex and drugs.

E News magazine reported on the show’s final season by “unabashedly progressive creators,” who “completely re-conceptualize[d] most of their plans once Donald Trump was deemed the victor in the 2016 presidential election.” One of the creators even described the show as “bizarrely political.”

One writer at Vulture Magazine reported on her “favorite episode of the entire series so far,” titled ‘Knockoffs,’ which features jokes about dildos and using them for anal sex or “pegging.” Some lines from the episode included,

Funniest/Favorite Lines:
“Bloomberg isn’t mayor anymore.”
“That’s what he wants you to think!”

“There are infinite holes in the sea.” It’s like they’re doing all the work for you, guidance counselors.

“Do I have a long butt hair? No, it’s my head hair!” I love the return of the butt-crack-hair joke from last week.

“Yelp said someone got a staph infection in this place — it’s so cheap now.”

“I slept with a strap-on all through college just in case I got the opportunity that’s being handed to you on a silver platter!”

“But how would I put a d*ck on my d*ck?”

“Abbi Anna Abrams, my mother is freshly dead!” Can we call her Triple A now?

“My mind is very open; my as*hole, not so much.”

“Oh, I forgot about your precious as*hole.”

Kathy Hoffman has been photographed on numerous occasions and had ties with admitted pedophile Tony Navarrette, who resigned from the Arizona State Senate after being arrested and charged with a felony for “knowingly engaging in intercourse or oral sex with a minor” over several years.

He also sponsored a bill to provide sexual education to children as young as kindergarten.

This disgusting website has been hidden from the taxpayers who pay for their child’s education in the state.

The Arizona GOP released the following advertisement explaining the lawsuit and telling Arizonans to fire woke predator Kathy Hoffman.

Tom Horne is the Republican Nominee for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Support him here.

Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Democrat Kathy Hoffman, is being sued for directing minors to hyper-sexualized chat rooms. Parents were shocked to learn that these chatrooms were easily accessible on the Arizona Department of Education’s website. A quick search takes students to queer chat or Q-chat, a site where adults communicate with minors about sexuality. Q-chat makes clear that the adults on the site are NOT mental health professionals.

Seemingly, the only requirement for adults to be a part of Q-chat is to be LGBTQ+ and to have an interest in talking to curious minors. 

The site draws children in with chat room topics like ‘Marvel’ or ‘Star Wars,’ but features rooms to discuss sex and relationships. Q-chat even has a “quick-escape” feature that allows students to conceal the website from their parents. Even worse, the site doesn’t tell students not to share their personal information. 

Q-chat is a sexual predators dream, and Democrat Kathy Hoffman is using your tax dollars to push it onto our children. This November let’s fire Kathy Hoffman and remove her dangerous, woke views from our schools.

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