Right-Wing Sweden Democrats Triumph in Historic Vote! More Mail-In Ballots Incoming!

Make Sweden Great Again: Patriot Jimmie Åkesson; photo: samnytt.se

The right-wing Sweden Democrats look to be the big winner in Sweden’s Sunday elections, even as counting threatens to drag on all week due to absentee ballots and irregularities.

With 6,244 out of 6,578 districts reporting, the patriotic Sweden Democrats are up 3.1% over the last elections to 20.7%, making them the biggest winner, and biggest party in the conservative bloc, which currently holds 49.7% of the vote, with 48.8% for the left-wing parties.

With 175 seats out of 349 in the Riksdag, this would put the conservative parties over the top to form a right-wing government, something traditionally socialist Sweden has  not seen since 2014 – or really ever. The Social Democrats (currently at 30.5%) ruled Sweden from 1932 to 1976, and 1982 to 2006, followed by a center-right government around the Moderate and Conservative parties 2006 to 2014.

Now the Moderates have fallen behind the populist Sweden Democrats at 19.1% in current tallies, possibly opening the way for patriot Jimmie Åkesson to become next Prime Minister of “socialist paradise” Sweden, which would trigger an absolute earthquake in Europe.

“I think (our success) can be explained by the fact that people don’t think the other parties take their problems seriously”, Åkesson told AFP at an election rally in Stockholm in August. Åkesson has called the mass immigration of half a million Muslims into the country of 10 million “the biggest foreign threat since World War II”.

So look for the globalists to try to usurp the elections through mail-in ballots over the next few days, and to continue counting until Wednesday or Thursday.

Irregularities were already reported on election night, as many polling places had to stay open until 10 pm with not enough ballots and long lines forming.


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