Pennsylvania Department of Education Publishes Toolkit for Teachers to Host ‘Gender Neutral Day’ for Third Graders

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has published a toolkit for teachers to host a “gender-neutral day” for students as young as third grade.

The toolkit was published on a DOE website that contains resources for teachers and school officials to learn how to create “gender-inclusive schools and classrooms.”

A glossary of terms that educators should be using includes, “Binary Gender: The faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female.”

The toolkit, which is among many other far-left gender-bending plans, is described as providing “planning and implementation resources for hosting a gender-neutral day in classrooms (grades 3-12).”

“Gender-fluid young people navigate a variety of gender-specific spaces throughout their day at school,” the toolkit says. “From seating charts based on gender to dress codes and roles in school activities, we ask students to put themselves into boxes labeled ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ all the time.”

The website continues, “to break away from these boxes and labels, consider hosting a gender-neutral day in your classroom. In preparation for the day, have students brainstorm a list of some of the ways their normal routines are gendered.”

Teachers are given a list of questions to ask their students, which include:

  • Are there gender differences in what kids are expected to do during recess?
  • Are more girls than boys called on to answer questions in class? Or vice versa? Does it depend on the lesson or subject?
  • Do gender differences exist in which sports students are expected to play during physical education class? Or in who gets chosen to be team captains?
  • In the lunchroom, do students sit together in gender-based groups?
  • Are there differences in which school activities boys and girls are expected to participate, such as choir, drama club, sports teams, etc.?
  • When students read aloud in class, do teachers tend to match students with roles based on their gender?

After the question session, teachers are told to “have students pick two to three ways they will reject gender stereotypes for the day.”

“As the teacher, you can also make specific commitments to challenge gender norms in your classroom, such as rearranging the seating chart or assigning speaking roles during class readings without considering gender,” the toolkit continues.

At the end of the day, students are asked to “reflect” on what they learned “through journal writing or as a class discussion.”

The website was cited by Pennsylvania state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz during a press conference last week.

Rep. Botowicz stated that “this is a bill to protect our children from gender ideology and sexual orientation being taught in our children’s school – the same nonsense that is now on the Department of Education’s website.”

The lawmaker has introduced legislation that will prohibit educators from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students through fifth grade.

“It is imperative that we ensure that parents have the right to be informed about the services offered to their children at school, and that elementary school children are protected from inappropriate sexual content in our classrooms,” Rep. Borowicz said in a memoranda about the bill. “As similar legislation is signed into law in other states, it is time to take similar steps in Pennsylvania to ensure that parents, first and foremost, have the right to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children.”


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