MUST-SEE VIDEO: “Maybe God Is Tapping Me On The Shoulder Saying, ‘This Is What I Freed You Up For.'” – Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Tells Her Brave And inspiring Story

They say superheroes don’t exist… But Kari Lake will save Arizona. 


Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake just released an incredible video where she tells her story of how a former news anchor and political outsider stepped into the political arena on a mission to fight for truth and freedom.

This is why crooked leftist Katie Hobbs refuses to debate her. Kari Lake once said it would be like her stepping into a ring with Mike Tyson.

In the video below, Kari Lake describes her humble beginnings, growing up in a family of nine that couldn’t even afford to put food on the table. But, through her faith in God, she became the top Arizona network news anchor, covering the State for over 20 years.

She loved her job, but that all changed during the COVID-19 hoax pandemic when she “woke up” to the disgusting and evil agenda of the Fake News Media.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Kari Lake’s incredible campaign for Arizona Governor, and her courage to fight for the people of Arizona and the Truth.

Because of this, the Fake Leftwing Democratic Media Complex and others in Arizona have mobilized to take her down with lies, smears, and attacks.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Tucker Carlson told Lake, “I can see why they’re trying to silence you,” after she destroyed another Fake News hack and took a stand for our right to question the Stolen 2020 election.

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They are trying to take her down because she has the courage to speak truth to power, and her experience as a 27-year news anchor gives her the ability to absolutely destroy Fake News interviews like a true professional. She handles the lying leftists just like President Trump did: with no bullsh*t.

We have reported on the many attempts by the Fake News Media to hurt Kari Lake that totally backfired here, here, and here. Lake always comes prepared with her own camera so that the lying leftist media cannot twist her words.

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Lake has also vowed to declare an invasion at the southern border on day one as Governor not only to save Arizona but to save America from this attack on our safety and freedom.

Read Kari Lake’s plans to save Arizona from the violent drug cartels, disgusting leftwing indoctrination and school curriculum, soaring homelessness, crime, and other evil leftwing policies here.

This is why President Trump endorsed her. “Kari Lake is strong,” says the President in the video below.

Lake: I think there’s always that Midwestern work ethic that you’ve heard about. Because I grew up in a family of nine, it was honed even more because we had to work.

We were poor. My family was very poor. We didn’t have food in the house. I lived off of a gravel road. We didn’t even have a house number. A couple of times a winter, we would wake up at like 6 am and we would go out and have to split wood and cut wood in order to heat our home. During that time when I lived out in the country, I remember having a really tight close moment with God. I saw a plane flying over, and it was really tiny. And I thought to myself, someday I’m going to be on a plane doing something. And I had this God moment where it was almost like God said to me, you are going to be on a plane, you’re going to go places, you’re going to do something big.

Ronald Reagan was my hero, and he is the reason that I registered the day I turned 18 as a Republican. I look at that college degree at the University of Iowa. It wasn’t an Ivy League school then I worked hard for every single course I took and worked my way through college, working as a janitor in a drug treatment center, where people are coming straight from prison to go through drug treatment. I learned how to use the big floor waxer. I mean, I can run a janitorial crew very well. I started my career at the same station that Ronald Reagan was at. I got my first on-air job, and I was there for about a year and a half, then I got a call from Phoenix. And I just fell in love with Arizona, and the people fell in love with me too.

This was back when people did tune in. They tuned into the news at five; it was based on trust and friendship. I felt so blessed having a 27-year career covering this beautiful state and the great people of Arizona, and I treasured my career and that job. It meant the world to me for all of those years. But, like so many Arizonans and frankly so many Americans, I woke up to a lot of reality during COVID. I realized that there was an agenda being pushed by the media.

ALL newscasters: This is extremely dangerous to our democracy

Lake: And I didn’t want to be part of that agenda. I know this job has gone from being the job I love to feeling like it was an unethical bias to being completely immoral. The hang-up for me was walking away from a big salary. I remember sitting at my desk in my office and I just was praying to God about it, and I took the Bible, and I just opened it up. First Timothy chapter six, verse seven: you bring nothing into this world, and you take nothing out of this world.

And I remember getting the message loud and clear. Okay, message received, God, I got it you want me to go. And right then and there, I decided I’m leaving my career. I don’t like the direction it’s going, and I wake up the next morning and my phone was practically hot to the touch. Many people said you’ve given me the courage. You’ve given me the strength to show that kind of courage. All of those 1000s, literally 10s of 1000s of messages, one common thread that I kept getting from the people of Arizona was, would you please consider running for office?

President Trump: The next governor of Arizona, Kari Lake.

Lake: We are a red state! We are a wild west state, and we demand common sense not communism. They can go right back across to California. We don’t want it.

It’s funny. I think that job, janitor, might be the job that prepares me most for politics. You want to keep pushing propaganda. Your days are numbered because the people don’t like what you guys are peddling. I’m not afraid of the fake news. I’m not afraid of the globalist. It is no longer the party of warmongers. Wake up, Joe. We will rip them to shreds before they get their hands on our kids. We’re gonna lift everybody up. We will never stop fighting for the unborn.

President Trump: Kari Lake is strong!

Lake: I’m not afraid of the cartels. Arizona, we’ve got to save ourselves. Day one, when we declare an invasion on our southern border. There will be no mandates and no lockdowns. We will restore quality of life to Arizona. Our students, after 10th grade, they decide that they’re gonna go to college or learn a trade and be able to get the jobs that are out there. I will be working for you. You will be the boss.

Maybe God is tapping me on the shoulder, saying, this is what I freed you up for. This is what I freed you up for.

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