Mayor Adams Calls Migrants Bussed to NYC a “Humanitarian Crisis” But Disagrees that the Biden Regime Should Focus More on the Illegal Immigration Crisis

On Sunday, New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the city’s difficulties in handling the influx of illegal migrants bussed from Texas.

Adams expressed concern that New York City is “nearing its breaking points” and suggested that cruise ships be brought in to house the illegal aliens temporarily.

He said the bussing of illegal migrants to NYC is a “humanitarian crisis created by human hand” that requires an “all-hands-on-deck moment” coordination from the US government.

“We should be clear that this is, as stated, a humanitarian crisis created by human hands and it is an all-hands-on-deck moment where we’re all supposed to come together and coordinate,” said Adams.

“Coordination during the crisis is something that we must do together and that’s the federal government that is also the governor of the state of Texas as well as the governor of the state of Florida. We should not be really treating other cities and municipalities in the manner that we’re witnessing now. And so we need resources for housing, resources to make sure that we could properly give people medical care, all of the basic necessities that you would give new arrivals that enter the city,” he added.

During the interview, Jake Tapper confronted him with the reality of the situation and said, “So you’re struggling to process the 2,500 migrants sent to you from Texas. Meanwhile, the El Paso sector of the border sees an average of 1,700 migrants crossing every single day. A record 1.9 million migrants have been apprehended on the southwest border this fiscal year alone.”

Adams took a dramatic pause before answering Tapper’s question on whether he agrees that the Biden administration should focus more on the illegal immigration crisis.

“No, I believe it’s a crisis that needs more coordination from our country. This is one country, this is a country that has always been capable of handling those who were seeking to participate in the American Dream. And that coordination should be not only on the federal level, the state level, but even cities to cities,” Adams responded.

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Adams stated that New York City would remain a sanctuary city under his administration over a year ago. Despite his portrayal of the immigration situation as a humanitarian crisis, he urged illegal immigrants to come to the United States.

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Meanwhile, Abbott just sent more buses full of illegals to New York City, according to Fox News.

When the Democrats talk about coordination, this is what they mean.

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