Matt Gaetz Says RINO’s and GOP Elites Are Already Planning Business as Usual if Republicans Take the House (VIDEO)

Representative Matt Gaetz (FL) said today that RINO’s are already planning business as usual after November wins. The below quote is from his WarRoom interview today, which starts at the 10:15 minute mark of the video. The video is posted below.

Let me take you into the room, to the meetings that Republican lawmakers currently encounter. Recently there was a gathering of top Republican Committee Chairs, ranking members…incoming. And when they did Q & A with the lobbyist and donors that were gathered to support the Republican Party, the questions were things like:

  • Are were going to pass the farm bill again?
  • Are we going to work with Democrats so we don’t have to go through the pains of a government shutdowns.
  • Are we going to get back to regular order, not punishing people by removing them from committees.

This is what permanent Washington is telling your State representatives right now. They want to go back to those days. Even when I talk to my current Republican colleagues, there are many that not only oppose any impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. They believe that an impeachment inquiry into someone like Mayorkis, who is purposefully turning our border into a turnstile, even that is something they wouldn’t support.

There are current members in the Republican majority, who will be in the next Congress, who are arguing very very fervently that they will oppose the use of Impeachment in any context, for any official in the Biden administration. I believe they totally misunderstand the mandate the American people are giving us. The American people see that these folks (Democrats) are destroying this country on purpose. (We want them removed).

The Democrats moved the overton window on impeachment, not Republicans. If we don’t use the same tools. If we don’t engage in impeachment inquiries to get the documents, and testimony, and information we need. Then I believe our voters will feel betrayed. And that could be the biggest win the Democrats could hope for in 2024 when it really matters to integrate our policies.


Gaetz goes on to explain these RINO’s have no plans to restrict funding as a method to bring agencies like the FBI or DHS back in line. The American people want these destructive and corrupt Democrats removed, punished, or both. The shoe is about to be on the other foot, so Republicans better step up.

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