Black Massachusetts Mother Films Herself Helping Daughter Brutally Attack 12-Year-Old Girl While Calling Her ‘Dumb White Ho’

A shocking video shows a mother in Quincy, Massachusetts, holding down a 12-year-old girl so that her daughter could attack her.

The mother, who is black, can be heard in the videos calling the child a “dumb white ho.”

The horrifying video was first discovered and reported by the Massachusetts-based TB Daily News. The mother of the victim told the outlet that the incident took place on Saturday.

“The mother was the one filming with one hand, pulling the victim by the hair, wearing the ‘If you like what ya smellin, we selling it’ hoodie, and blue shoes. Her daughter was losing the fight until she jumped in, pulled the girl by the hair, and let her daughter stomp on her face,” the outlet reported.

The mother can be heard encouraging the fight and seen pulling the young girl’s hair, as her daughter stomped on her face. She tells her daughter, repeatedly, to “get this b-tch.”

TB Daily News reports that they were told the woman’s name is Rakima Norris, but internet searches for that name were unsuccessful. The Gateway Pundit has not been able to independently identify the woman at this time.

The Gateway Pundit has reached out to one of the people who posted the video and the Quincy Police Department for more information. We will update this article if any additional details are provided.

UPDATE: The victim’s mother told the Gateway Pundit to “f-ck off” and that she is “as liberal as it gets.” 

Additionally, the Quincy Police Department told the Gateway Pundit that they are “aware of, and currently investigating, this incident.”

When asked if any arrests had been made or if it is being investigated as a hate crime, a spokesperson for the department said that “this is an active investigation, therefore we can not provide any further details at this time.”



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