Lying Adam Schiff Prosecutes America-Loving J6 Protesters at US Capitol as Fascists Then Turns Around and Meets Real Neo-Nazis at US Capitol

Ukrainian women soldiers made it to the US Capital to meet American politicians, thank them for their money, share unconfirmed stories of atrocities, and ask for more money.   They even brought along injured soldiers from the neo-Nazi Azov battalion.

The Ukrainians claimed they found corpses of children that were tortured and killed by the Russians.  These are horrible claims if true but there is no evidence to support this.  Jim Acosta from CNN was happy to have them on his show.

FOX News, GOP Senators Susan Collins. Joni Ernst, Shelley Capito, and Dan Sullivan, all met with the Ukrainian women. The Ukrainians were grateful for the tens of billions of dollars Biden has sent them, but they want more.

The Ukrainian soldiers’ biggest surprise was when Azov soldiers joined them at the Capital.

TGP reported on the Azov Battalion before the war even started.  They are a ruthless group of soldiers in the Eastern part of Ukraine and they’re neo-Nazis.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Friends in Ukraine Include the Neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” Known for Brutal Attacks on Immigrants, Gypsies and Transvestites (VIDEO – Warning Violent)

Some individuals on Twitter noted that Adam Schiff was happy to be with these ruthless neo-Nazi soldiers from Ukraine while labeling Americans who protested the stolen 2020 Election on Jan 6 – Nazis.

Individuals like Adam Schiff should never be running our government.  He’s a part of the insane anti-American double standards from our elites. 

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