Is Lindsey Graham Trying to Throw the Midterm Elections to Democrats?… Was Mitch McConnell Behind It?

Joe Biden is the worst president in US history.

** Inflation is at 40 YEAR HIGHS — and it is NOT receding!
** Gas Prices are the highest they have ever been under Joe Biden — And this is a direct result of his anti-energy policies.
** Joe Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and armed them with $80 billion in US arms.

Including 600,000 weapons and 200 aircraft!

** The Biden regime KNEW there was an Islamist bomber in the crowd at the Kabul Airport but did nothing. This cost 13 young American lives!
** The Islamist bomber was released from Bagram prison after Joe Biden abandoned the important US asset.
** Joe Biden declared open war on his political opposition.
** Joe Biden opened the border to 2 million illegal aliens this year!
** Joe Biden allowed tons of illegal drugs entry into the country via the open border causing over 100,000 annual deaths!
** Joe Biden pushed the US economy into recession in 18 short months.

Republicans should be in GREAT SHAPE for the upcoming elections.

But Lindsey Graham wants to change the subject. Lindsey Graham wants the 2022 midterm election to be all about abortion.

Earlier this week Lindsey Graham announced legislation to ban abortion in the US after 15 weeks.

Lindsey wants to make sure Democrats have something to get them to the polls.

Lindsey and Republicans have no chance of passing such legislation. They are not in the majority.

Lindsey wants to change the subject away from Joe Biden, his friend. He wants instead to lead the GOTO efforts on the left.

On Tuesday Charlie Kirk accused Lindsey of possible “election interference.”

So was this Lindsey’s idea?  Last night Mitch McConnell lost another primary race in New Hampshire.  This was despite $5 million in attack ads against General Don Ludoc.

General Don Bolduc Wins New Hampshire Primary for US Senate Despite $4.1 Million in Attack Ads Linked to Mitch McConnell – Trump Posts Congrats (VIDEO)

So was this Lindsey’s idea to help Democrats this cycle?  Or was there someone else involved?

Was this designed to make it harder for Republican candidates to win?  That way Lindsey and Mitch McConnell can come out and lecture all of the populist GOP voters.  Would they be awful enough to do something like this?

Mediaite reported:

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) abortion ban proposal is having trouble finding support, even among fellow Republicans. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk added himself to the chorus of conservative critics, equating Graham’s announcement to possible “election interference” and worrying the senator could be helping to sabotage Republicans in the midterm elections.

Kirk tackled Graham’s announcement on his podcast and assured people that he is unapologetically pro-life.

“I am 100 percent pro-life. I am outspokenly pro-life,” Kirk said. “I’m so pro-life that I’ll debate anybody on the topic anytime. The only exception I could possibly imagine is the life of the mother, and I will defend that position morally, scientifically, biologically, and philosophically.”

Despite having a stance on abortion that actually goes further than Graham’s bill — which includes exceptions for rape and incest and puts a 15-week cap on abortion procedures — Kirk declared the legislation is doomed for failure.

The fact that it was Graham behind the proposal seemed to particularly bother Kirk, who admitted he could have seen the proposed legislation coming from other Republicans.

“The only rationale is you want this election to be about abortion and if it was Josh Hawley, I would say ok. Or Ted Cruz,” he said.” Why is Lindsey Graham, 25 days out from ballots going out, galloping in and saying we need a federal abortion ban? Really? Where have you been, Lindsey Graham? That feels like election interference.”


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