Joe Biden Claims MAGA Is A Threat To Democracy, But Here’s The REAL THREAT

Joe Biden threatened millions of Trump supporters during his Satanic speech in Pennsylvania last week.

The illegitimate president warned “MAGA Republicans” are “a clear and present danger to our democracy.”

“MAGA Republicans embrace anger, thrive on chaos, live in the shadow of lies,” Biden admonished on an eerily lit black and blood red stage as he waved both fists.

“History tells us a blind loyalty to a single leader has failed democracy,” Biden continued.

Biden’s fascistic speech is another desperate bid to crush the last remaining resistance to his regime’s control of the country. The resistance is an independent American middle class.

The real threat to democracy is Biden’s base of radicals, lunatics, and criminals who threaten Supreme Court justices and vandalize churches, pregnancy centers, and the offices of pro-life groups.

When riots happen in the name of Black Lives Matter or when Antifa — a domestic terrorist group that Biden insists is no more than an “idea”— burns down cities, smashes businesses and assaults children and the elderly, well they are just complying with the Democrat Party’s marching orders.

Did Biden forget about the violent Democrat domestic terrorist who conspired in an assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

What about the Democrat that tried to murder an entire Republican softball team?

Or when the left-wing mob defaces and removes statues of historical figures they are told to hate?

Remember when Biden’s Democrat colleague, Missouri State senator Maria Chappelle-Nidal said, “I hope Trump is assassinated.”

In Biden’s America, children can be mutilated by surgeons and physicians attempting to change their gender,  while their parents are allowed by law to be kept in the dark.

A crime wave is ravaging the nation, and Democrat judges refuse to prosecute misdemeanors including drug possession, grand larceny and domestic violence. But don’t worry, Biden’s “gun safety” red flag laws allow the government to instantly confiscate your firearms on mere suspicion.

The biggest threat to democracy and the United States is Biden’s occupancy of the White House and the regime’s compliant “resistance.”


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Alicia is an investigative journalist and multimedia reporter. Alicia's work is featured on numerous outlets including the Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas, Red Voice Media, World Net Daily, Townhall and Media Research Center, where she uncovers fraud and abuse in government, media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and public corruption. Alicia has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She served in the Correspondence Department of the George W. Bush administration and as a War Room analyst for the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee.

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