“YouTube EAT MY SACK” – Viral YouTuber And Nelk Boys Star “Steve Will Do It” DID IT And Exclusively Joined Rumble – Rumble’s Stock Price Jumps More Than 8%

Steve Deleonardis, A.K.A. “Steve Will Do It” from the Nelk Boys and Full Send podcast has announced that he is exclusively joining Rumble’s free speech platform after being de-platformed on Youtube.

According to Market Watch,

Shares of video-sharing site Rumble Inc. rose more than 8% in midday trading after the company said influencer and former YouTube sensation Steve Deleonardis, also known as “SteveWillDoIt,” has agreed to produce exclusive weekly video content for Rumble.

Mr. Deleonardis, a video personality who is especially popular among the Gen Z demographic, according to Rumble, will put his exclusive weekly videos both on Rumble and on Rumble’s community-based subscription platform, Locals.

Rumble Chief Executive Chris Pavlovski said Rumble is “very quickly becoming the cool place to be for the Gen Z population.”

Shares of Rumble rose more than 8% in midday trading to $13.15 a share. So far this year, the stock is up almost 21%.

After the announcement was made, Steve tweeted, “Youtube eat my sack.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the former Youtube star spoke to President Trump on his viral podcast, and the video was deleted by Youtube after 24 hours and 5 million views.

YouTube Deletes NELK Boys Interview with President Trump After 24 Hours and 5 Million Views

President Trump later told Sean Hannity, “they’ve taken away the voice of the people.”

In August, Steve tweeted that his Youtube Channel was canceled with zero strikes.

So, this morning, Steve was presented with a brand new Rumble jersey before he told Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski,

Steve: I’m excited to be on Rumble. I’m excited to not be afraid of getting canceled for random reasons. And I’m excited to make videos again, help people, and just do my sh*t. And this is going to be an amazing thing. I want to take over Rumble. I really do.


Steve also told Dave Rubin about his deleted Youtube page and the phone call he received on the “day of deletion.”

Steve: Youtube never gave me a call or let me know. They called me the day of deletion and it was a girl. And she seemed pretty stoked I was getting deleted. She seemed happy and it was me and my editor and we were like, “bro, shes happy.” Like, you’re giving someone like the worst news possible and you’re doing it in a way to where it’s like, you’re happy. It was kind of just f*cked up. I wish I recorded it but it was a mind f*ck, you know?

Rubin: I have a feeling you’re not going to get that call from this guy. You’re going to be alright.

Thank God for Rumble!


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