House Passes Legislation Changing Electoral Vote Counting Process For Presidential Elections – Here Are the 9 Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

The Democrats are fiercely working to overhaul elections ahead of the midterms.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a proposal to overhaul rules for certifying presidential elections.

The House voted 229-203 to pass the proposal – 9 Republican lawmakers voted with the Democrats.

The 9 RINO usual suspects voted with the Democrats: Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Peter Meijer, Gonzalez (OH), Jacobs (NY), Herrera Beutler, Katko, Rice (SC) and Upton.

“The House legislation overhauls certain parts of the Electoral Count Act, which sets out deadlines for states to certify their presidential contests, establishes a process to send electors to Washington, names the vice president as the overseer of the vote count and lays out a process for lawmakers to challenge results.” Politico reported.

In other words, the Democrats are working to make it easier for them to steal elections after they set up Zuckerberg ballot boxes all over the country.

The House’s version of the legislation is not expected to pass the Senate.

The Senate’s version of the Electoral Count Act will go “through a markup next week,” Politico reported.

“To all those who oppose this legislation, I ask you, how could anyone vote against free and fair elections — the cornerstone of our constitution?” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday on the House floor.

“How could anyone vote against our founder’s vision: placing power in the hands of the people? How could anyone vote against their own constituents, allowing radical politicians to rip away their say in our democracy?” she said.


House Democrats are also desperately trying to pass HR. 8873 before they leave office for the midterm elections.

The bill is an urgent attempt by Democrats to put in place rules to ensure they can steal all future elections from the American people.

Steven Bannon earlier this week warned the War Room audience that Democrats are attempting to push this through committee.

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