Five Reasons Biden’s Corrupt FBI Will Lose in Court After Raiding Mar-a-Lago and Stealing President Trump’s Documents that Implicate Their Own Crimes

The FBI raided the home of the President of the United States.  This is the same President whom the FBI attempted to prevent from winning the 2016 Election and then attempted to remove from office his entire Presidency.  FBI leaders from the corrupt Obama/Biden Administration hired a Russian and used his made-up information as the basis to attempt to remove President Trump from office.

On August 9th, the FBI raided the President’s home and stole the President’s documents stored there at Mar-a-Lago.   The FBI claimed they had a reason to do so that was lawful and that they had the right to take these documents.

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Many believe that the documents provided ample evidence of the FBI’s crimes and this is why the President took them with him and why the corrupt FBI took them from the President.

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Now the corrupt and anti-American, anti-law and order FBI is trying to justify their criminal actions.  But they cannot.  Their actions are criminal and they need to be brought to justice.  Attempting a coup is a very serious crime with very serious penalties.

The Trump team brought the FBI to court to get to the bottom of the FBI’s actions.  The Trump team has the law on its side.  The FBI does not.  This is why the FBI commits crimes.

There are five reasons the FBI will lose in their effort to justify stealing the President’s documents from his iconic home, Mar-a-Lago.

1. Attorney Mike Davis, who worked with Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, shares that the President has the right to declassify any documents he wants.

2. Also, Davis notes that the President has the right to take whatever documents he wishes and to claim they are his.

This is the President’s right and the FBI cannot override the President’s decision.  This was decided in a case involving the Clintons.  President Trump had declassified all these documents.

Davis calls the FBI’s actions unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful.  He also points out that the judge that signed off on the raid is biased.  He recused himself from another Trump case. He’s also involved with Jeffrey Epstein.

Davis also notes that the raid was intrusive because President Trump was working with the corrupt FBI.

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3. The FBI claims that national security is at risk if classified documents were released to the public. 

This is not the case.  Attorney Jonathan Turley points out that the DOJ said the same about releasing the warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago but when released, no such harm occurred.  He rightly notes that millions of Americans are very upset about the raid and have no trust in the DOJ.  AG Garland does nothing to appease these millions of Americans.

4. The FBI claims that the documents need to be kept safe but the documents maintained by President Trump were not the original documents in the first place.

Aas pointed out by the Conservative Treehouse, since the President declassified the documents, there was no risk of loss with the way he was handling the documents.

The framework of the appeal appears to be built on a false premise.  The DOJ argument is contingent upon the government not having the original documents, and the claim is made *AS IF* there is only one copy.  Even if this appeal is within the framework of a valid issue for an appellate court review (not a guarantee), when you apply commonsense the motion fails on its face.

The original documents are always retained by the originating agency.  No one, not even the President, sees original intelligence documents from within any agency creating the product.  Everything, including what President Trump would have seen while in office, and including any “read and return” version of the intelligence product, is a copy that stems from the originals.  As a result, the executive branch (DOJ) has access to the originals regardless of what copies they may have retrieved from Mar-a-Lago.

5. The FBI insinuates that the President committed a crime by making up a crime that is not a crime. 

Attorney Davis notes in the video in the article above that the DOJ is claiming that there is a right to obtain the documents that President Trump kept based on the law.  But the Presidential Records Act lacks any criminal enforcement mechanism.  This Act is the crux of the actions taken by President Trump.  As Davis shares, the President can declassify the records he wants to declassify.  He also can take any documents with him that he chooses after leaving office.  This is what President Trump did.  The DOJ had no legal right to invade President Trump’s home and steal the documents he kept there, especially after he was complying with them up to that date.

The DOJ has no legs to stand on.  They are in serious legal trouble as they should be. 

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