EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Semitic Democrats Backed By Katie Hobbs Used Tax Dollars To Screen Anti-Israel Propaganda And Pro-BDS “Boycott” Film At Arizona Capitol (VIDEO)


Democrats in the Arizona Legislature and the ACLU hosted the screening of the anti-Semitic film “Boycott” at the Arizona Capitol Museum on Thursday. They used the film to promote the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) hate movement against United States ally, Israel.

State Senator Martin Quezada and State Rep. Athena Salman hosted the event and delivered remarks in support.

The Radical Left’s BDS movement discriminates against Israel in an attempt to destroy their economy.

“Boycott” was later played at Arizona State University’s law school.

This is the same University that has allowed calls for violence against Israel on campus.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Anti-Semitic Arizona State University students with Palestinian flags publicly called for the destruction of Israel on campus at ASU.

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Democratic State Rep. Alma Hernandez, and three other Democrats, released a memorandum on Wednesday warning, “The BDS Movements’ links to terror organizations and use of antisemitic propaganda has been well documented in evidence-based reports,” and “Boycott seeks to promote public misunderstanding of anti-BDS laws that have been passed on a bi-partisan basis in 36 states.”

Hernandez tweeted their memorandum, alerting others about the “anti-Israel” film and condemning her fellow democrats.

Even some Democrats know this is wrong.

Kimberly Yee, the Republican nominee for Arizona Treasurer, shared this memorandum and slammed her opponent, Democratic nominee Martin Quezada, for his anti-Israel and antisemitic positions.

Yee has previously fought back against woke Morningstar, Inc. for “using anti-Israel and antisemitic sources to negatively impact the [environmental, social, and corporate governance] scores of companies doing business in Israel and Israeli-controlled territories.”

Jewish AZ reported,

Morningstar, Inc., a Chicago-based financial services firm, has been notified by Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee that it has “30 days to prove they are not violating Arizona law in actively boycotting the State of Israel,” or it risks ending up on the state’s treasury department’s list of prohibited investments.

In her Aug. 18 notice to Morningstar’s CEO, Kunal Kapoor, Yee called out Sustainalytics, a 30-year-old firm, for using a rating method that “uses anti-Israel and antisemitic sources to negatively impact the scores of companies doing business in Israel and Israeli-controlled territories,” thereby violating Arizona’s anti-BDS law.

Martin Quezada is Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs’ gubernatorial campaign treasurer.

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake released the following statement from Jewish Voices for Kari Lake denouncing Martin Quezada and calling on Katie Hobbs, who has a record of voting for anti-Israel legislation, to condemn the screening. Hobbs has not denounced her Democratic colleagues or their hateful stances.

On September 20th, we received word that the Democrat nominee for Treasurer Martin Quezada was using taxpayer money to screen the anti-Israel propaganda film “Boycott.” This film was made in support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions hate movement that seeks to ostracize and bankrupt the Jewish state of Israel on the world stage. Quezada is no stranger to antisemitism. He’s troublingly supported by CAIR, believes in a one-state solution that would wipe Israel off the face of this earth, and has championed BDS at the Arizona Legislature.

We are further troubled by the support Quezada has received from his friend, Arizona Democrat nominee for Governor Katie Hobbs.

Quezada worked alongside Ms. Hobbs at the Arizona legislature and served as campaign Treasurer for her run for Governor. They have voted in lockstep against the Jewish homeland. In 2016, Hobbs and Quezada were two of just SIX Arizona legislators who voted against a bill that would stop public entities from contracting with companies that have not condemned the BDS movement. Jewish Arizonans will not sit silently while Democrats like Quezada and Hobbs follow Rashida Tlaib in pushing this virulent hatred against the Jewish people, nor will Kari Lake. Hobbs must immediately condemn the screening of this anti-Semitic film and explain why she voted with Quezada in support of BDS.

The film promotes the boycotting of Israeli goods and services solely based on national origin, falsely equating it to the Boston Tea Party and the civil rights movements in the 1900s.

The problem is that our ally, Israel, is not guilty of any crime but existing in the eyes of these people.

The same terrorist groups — like Hamas, who are openly anti-Semitic and genocidal —  that are attacking Israel with acts of war seek to destroy Israel’s economy through boycotts, divestment, and sanctions.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Marxists and Jew-haters have taken control of the Democratic party. A 2021 poll shows that Democrats blame Israel for violence in the middle east, not the Hamas terrorists who desire to violently destroy the nation.

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Anti-Semitic Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has even accused Israel of “terrorism” for defending itself against Hamas missile attacks.

The Gateway Pundit has obtained footage of State Representative Salman and the film’s director, Julia Bacha, speaking before the screening. State Senator Quezada also gave comments after the screening. Only about five people showed up to watch the hate film, including the director and Democratic lawmakers.

Athena Salman is the first Palestinian in Arizona history to be elected to the Legislature. Salman smeared Israel, accusing them of “human rights atrocities,” and claimed the anti-BDS laws are meant to silence Americans who are against gun rights and “people who are calling for the divestment of the fossil fuel industry.” She further encouraged Americans to “get involved” and sue against these anti-BDS laws

Julia Bacha also joined her in claiming that “Now, Republicans are trying to take our way to advocate for the gun safety of our children,” and equating the discriminatory boycott of Israel to civil rights issues throughout history.

She even labeled America’s History as mythology, stating, “Go back to the mythology about the founding of America. America was founded with boycotting British tea.”

After the film, Quezada accused Israel of marginalizing people “throughout human history” and also encouraged others to stand up to the Nation of Israel with boycotts

Salman: So, in 2018 we saw a amended version of the anti-boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israel law be introduced. It started in the House and immediately we got to organizing against it to try to protect Arizonans freedom of speech, and also protect the Palestinian community, and their right to express concerns and be a part of boycotts and movements to try and pressure the Israeli government to ending the human rights atrocities that the Palestinian people face to this day.

To this date, 34 states have passed anti BDS laws. It is a legislation that was modeled and borne out of the American Legislative Exchange Conference or ALEC for short. ALEC is an organization often that organizes conferences attended by radical right-wing politicians and lawmakers, and funded by corporations. Their mission and purpose is to end as many human rights, as many constitutional rights that people enjoy in order to allow corporations to consolidate as much power as possible and continue to dictate our day to day activities in our day to day life. So, this legislation was borne out of one of those conferences and so it should be no surprise at all that we are now seeing this legislation being copycated and being used to ban government contracts and ban public monies from going to people who are participating in boycotts against firearms dealers, people who are calling for the divestment of the fossil fuel industry and other industries and entities that are engaged in either environmental disaster or human rights, tragedies and abuses.

Quezada: It’s important to understand that there is support for people who are marginalized throughout the world. And that that times are tough but this has been happening throughout human history for generations upon generations, and this is just an unfortunate, another example of that. I think that, you know, standing up and fighting for what’s right is an important part of what everyone has to do. And just to support people that are standing up and trying to defend people’s right to live and to love and to be human beings.

The same Democrats that support this hateful boycott of Israel would never support a boycott of the Chinese Communist Party, well known for their use of slave labor and genocide… against Uighur Muslims.

Arizona must remove anti-Semites Martín Quezada and Athena Salman from office this November.


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