‘Coming Out’ Event Hosted By Nonprofit Encourages Kids As Young As 5 To Attend

A nonprofit organization, Pinta Pride Project, is hosting a Pride event in Buffalo Grove, IL,  in October for a “National Coming Out Day Celebration.”

According to their website, Pinta Pride Project “The Pinta Pride Project was inspired whole heartedly by the community that it serves. We aim to increase LGBT+ awareness within suburban communities and hope you will join us on this journey.”

The event, which encourages children as young as 5 years old to attend, will have  drag performances, photo-ops with the performers and a “rainbow dance.”


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Included in the event is artist Peter Thaddeus who shares his experience talking with kids about his art “created from a gay perspective with the passion of a gay soul.”

According to his blog:

A set of parents walked into my booth with their kiddo.  After some discussion of which bee they wanted (I was about to introduce them as my “Gaybees”, but bit my tongue) kiddo pointed to the one with the bisexual color scheme.  Using generic language, I chatted while taking the bee off the wall to wrap it up.  Noticing there was no title on the bee, Dad looked me dead in the eyes and said, “You should title it ‘Bi Bee’.” Oh good, you know! I thought to myself.  I proceeded to say 6 or 7 gay things and sent them on their way.

A school field trip brought a slew of queer youth to my booth.  Their outness made me happy and their dollars made up the majority of my sales that day.  I particularly love seeing them talk about their identities through my art.  I’m finding more and more need for non-binary and trans related art.  A supportive teacher came by the next day for some art…apparently the youth had been talking about my booth!

While Pinta Pride Project claims to be inclusive, their inaugural event barred two pro second amendment groups from attending.


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