Ecoterrorists: Climate Change Activists Disrupt Dairy Supply Across UK by Disabling all Milk Trucks at Processing Plants (VIDEO)

Animal Rebellion, a group of animal and climate activists, has been causing major disruption to a number of dairy distribution facilities across the UK. This has included blocking and occupying sites as well as damaging milk trucks.

The activists had written to the office of the prime minister in August, threatening disruptive action in September if no progress was made, according to the Guardian.

The organization is advocating for a switch to plant-based alternatives to milk and dairy products as a means of combating climate change.

Twitter user Ian Miles Cheong posted a video of protesters drilling a tire of semi-trucks.

“Heroes or zeroes? These climate change activists are disrupting milk processing and distribution plants across the UK by disabling all the vehicles. This was their 7th hit—over 50 trucks disabled,” Cheong tweeted.

“Dozens of them have been arrested but there are hundreds of them and they do this whenever they’re released. They should be locked up for life for being economic terrorists,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Another video:

Because of their actions, there have been widespread shortages of milk throughout the UK.

A representative for the Animal Rebellion informed Daily Mail that there had been reports of a milk scarcity in the north London area.

According to the protesters, the lack of fresh milk in north London was caused by their actions against Arla’s depot in Hatfield.

“It’s Day 5 and Animal Rebellion has disrupted ANOTHER milk processing and distribution center. Arla Hatfield is the 7th site disrupted,” Animal Rebellion announced.

“We’re extremely disappointed that protesters have caused criminal damage to some of our vehicles at our Hatfield site,” a spokesperson for Arla said in a statement.

“All protesters have been removed from site by local police, however due to the damage caused some deliveries will be slightly delayed.”

Source: Daily Mail

In light of the Queen’s passing, the activists temporarily stopped their plans.

“We paused our non-violent campaign out of respect for the British people following the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death, but the disruption we caused is still being felt across the dairy supply chain,” Dan Kidby, co-founder of Animal Rebellion said.

“We fully stand by our actions and are demanding Government action to transition to a plant-based food system which is the key solution to the climate crisis.”

Meanwhile in the US, several major fires have erupted at food industry facilities and plants over the past six months. All of the fires have been officially listed as accidental or inconclusive.

Here is the List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration


PLEASE HELP US keep the map updated with information that they may be censoring, something that is not on it yet, or if a correction needs to be made. If you see/hear about ANY Fire/Explosion/Destruction, etc (That is not already on the map) PLEASE go and ADD it. ALL I NEED is the location & a link to the story, after I go review and confirm it, I can do the rest. 

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