Chaos in Briefing Room as White House Reporters Repeatedly Ask Karine Jean-Pierre About Joe Biden’s Confusion Over Late Rep. Jackie Walorski (VIDEO)

Several White House reporters on Wednesday asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Joe Biden’s confusion over late Rep. Jackie Walorski.

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is rapidly accelerating as he approaches his 80th birthday.

Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health.

At one point Joe Biden asked, “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” referring to GOP Rep. Jackie Walorski who recently died in a car accident.

At least 6 different reporters asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s confusion over Walorski.

ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s confusion over Walorski.

“What happened at the Hunger Event today? [Biden] appeared to look around…for…a member of Congress [Jackie Walorski] who passed away last month…What happened there?” Vega asked.

He “was acknowledging her incredible work…She was on his mind…top of mind,” KJP said.


Chaos erupted in the briefing room as reporters repeatedly asked Karine Jean-Pierre to address Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

“These moments of confusion are happening w/increasing frequency,” another reporter said.

Biden lapdog reporters jumped in began shouting over the other reporter.


“Can you explain where the mistake was made? Did the President–was [he] confused? Was there something…in the teleprompter…he didn’t recognize? Can you just help us understand?” CBS News Radio’s Steven Portnoy asked.

“I mean, you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions,” KJP quipped.


Even the Washington Post asked why Joe Biden thought Jackie Walorski was alive and in the room this morning.

“I think we all…get why [Walorski’s] top of mind. You’ve made that case pretty effectively…[W]hy…does [Biden]t think…she’s living and in the room?” Washington Post reporter Matt Viser asked.

KJP went in circles and didn’t answer the question.


RealClearNews reporter Philip Wegmann asked Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s confusion over Walorski.

“Does [Biden] believe that, in his reference to the late Rep. Walorski…he handled that reference appropriately or is this something that he would like to get back?” Philip Wegmann asked.

“Get-what? Like, to get back–what?” KJP said.

“I mean, he said, ‘where is Jackie?'” Wegmann said.

Karine Jean-Pierre delivered a word salad.


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