California’s Grid Operator Declares Emergency Amid Blistering Heat Wave – “Strongly Urges” People to Use Less Energy to Avoid Power Outages

California is struggling to keep the lights on during a late summer heatwave and Democrat officials are still moving full steam ahead to ban gas-powered vehicles.

California’s grid operator on Monday declared an energy emergency amid a blistering heatwave.

People are strongly urged to use less energy today between 5pm to 9pm to avoid rotating blackouts.

Californians are being urged to turn off appliances, turn up their thermostats and avoid charging electric vehicles during the peak hours.

Temperatures soared into the triple digits in cities away from the coastline.

Even beach cities are under a heat advisory.

The brutal heatwave, which started last week, is expected to continue for the next four days.

Bloomberg reported:

California declared a power grid emergency Monday as a blistering and sustained heat wave threatens to push the state’s electricity system to its limit.

With millions of homes and businesses cranking air conditioners to cope with temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 Celsius), electricity use in the largest US state is forecast to hit 48.9 gigawatts Monday, the most since 2017. The state’s grid operator is forecasting an energy deficiency between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. local time.

Much of California is under an excessive heat warning for the next four days. Sacramento could reach 113 on Monday and 115 on Tuesday shattering records for those days, Oravec said. Downtown Los Angeles reached 103 on Sunday, which was the first time the temperature broke 100 this year.

Joe Biden’s incompetent Energy Secretary said the rest of the country should follow California’s radical ban on gas-powered vehicle sales.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm touted California’s ban on gas-powered cars even though the state issued a flex alert asking Californians not to charge their electric vehicles during a sweltering heatwave to avoid rolling blackouts.

This is what Joe Biden wants for all Americans, except for the elites.

The elites will be able to charge their EVs or still enjoy their gas-powered fleets while the peasants are unable to drive or travel.

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