Breaking: New Hampshire Lawsuit Names Harri Hursti, LHS Associates as Defendants. Election Material Preservation Mandated. It’s Not Over.

A New Hampshire integrity organization, New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, informed The Gateway Pundit of a new lawsuit filed in the “Live Free or Die” state.  The lawsuit filed on behalf of Brenda Towne names Harri Hursti and LHS Associates as plaintiffs, alleging that they were responsible for the destruction of election evidence that was to be maintained and kept under a state and federal mandates.

The Gateway Pundit covered the “Windham Audit” thoroughly back in 2021.  After several Republican candidates gained a significant amount of votes in a hand count, and the Democrat candidate lost votes, the town erupted in calls for an audit.  It started out as a courageous effort spearheaded by patriots like Ken Eyring of the Government Integrity Project, who helped draft the audit legislation, Senate Bill 43.  This bill, however, was amended to allow for corruption to seep in and alter how the “auditors” were selected.

One of the auditors selected was Harri Hurst.  In addition to all of the “chosen” auditors having a connection to Verified Voting, Hursti also had a business relationship with New Hampshire previously.  His company, Nordic Innovation Labs, was contracted to assess the security of the voting machines in New Hampshire.  The machines he assessed were the same voting machines he notoriously hacked on camera in Leon County, Florida in 2005.  As a result, Hursti should have recused himself from the nomination for a conflict of interest.


The lawsuit claims:

During a Windham selectman meeting on March 1, 2021, Jeff Silvestro, CEO of LHS
Associates confirmed to the town selectman that the audit plan was to make copies of the
four machine memory cards to preserve the data from the 2020 election through the 22
month retention window ending September 3, 2022. Without a copy, there would be no
other way to preserve the election data.

In May of 2021, Jeff Silvestro, an agent of the town of Windham and an agent of the
State of New Hampshire provided instructions to the lead auditor, Harri Hursti, who
knowingly deleted and destroyed the data from the 2020 election by resetting the –
memory cards to “pre- election status” without making a copy of the cards. Hursti was
aware that resetting the memory cards in the Windham audit would in fact remove the
data and any malware present that may have played a part in manipulating vote totals.


The relief sought is as follows:

…to preserve all remaining election
records from the November 3, 2020 election, which includes but not limited to physical ballots,
physical memory cards and all stored information related to the conduct of/chain of custody for the
2020 New Hampshire federal election, digital scans of all ballots and records used to tabulate the
2020 New Hampshire federal election. Plaintiff seeks access to physical memory cards that stored
information related to the results and tabulation of the 2020 election.

Plaintiff seeks declaration by this court that defendants violated federal retention laws
42USC1974, 52USC20701, 52USC20702.

Plaintiff seeks declaration by this court to order a full physical and cyber forensic
examination of machines, ballots and peripheral objects related to the conduct of the 2020 New
Hampshire federal election by a qualified expert of plaintiff’s choice.

Plaintiff seeks the removal of all electronic voting machines and devices from all future New
Hampshire elections.



The Windham Audit came under tremendous scrutiny for several reasons:

  • The original memory cards were NOT maintained and preserved
  • The anomalous “machine 2” was reset mid scanning to a different date.  Harri Hursti has argued that malware on these machines can be programmed to only act on a specific day/time (election day).  Machine #2, which had anomalous results compared to the other 3 machines from Election Day, mysteriously had a “ball bearing” issue that required it to be repaired and reset.  When it was reset, however, it was no longer set to November 3rd, 2020, like the other machines, to simulate election day.  By definition, this could have “activated” any malware or “deactivated” any malware specifically programmed to activate on election day only.
  • On May 12, 2021, at 11:15pm, the cameras and audio that were live-streaming the audit room 24/7 mysteriously went down for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  When they came back on, Assistant Attorney General Anne Edwards was seen in the room with a NH State Trooper.  According to the Granite Grok, “According to my source, on Thursday morning, there were four more boxes of ballots than the original number signed off by Nicole from the Town of Windham. The Windham clerk signed off 23 boxes but the auditors have 27?”
  • The Machine #2 anomaly was never explained, the reset never questioned, and the election was therefore not run in the same manner as November 3rd.
  • The boxes, as they were being brought into the audit from the town, clearly showed gaps in the boxes, broken seals, inadequate seals, and easily accessible openings in the “sealed ballot containers”
  • Despite multiple machine recounts, and hand counts, the totals from the machines never matched each other.




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