Jan6 David vs. DOJ Goliath: Dr. Simone’s friend John Strand Faces 24 Yrs in Prison for Walking in Capitol – Brandon Straka Interviews Strand before Trial – Please Donate Below (Video)

This week, Brandon Straka interviewed J6 defendant John Strand on his decision to go to trial.

** You can read more about John at American Gulag.

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From American Gulag: There were many videos on mainstream news sites that depicted people in the Capitol Building. In the video, timestamped 2:27-2:29 p.m. Strand and Gold can be seen walking with a companion through National Statuary Hall, which is located inside the Capitol.  Gold stated “I can certainly speak to the place that I was, and it most emphatically was not a riot,” and “Where I was, was incredibly peaceful.”  There is no account of any acts of violence done by either Strand or Gold.

In the interview with Straka Strand shares, “(2020)This is a totally new time in life… things are going crazy so I felt like maybe I need to get more involved locally and maybe I need to get more involved publicly. And I had avoided that, in terms of being public of my, political beliefs, if that’s how you want to phrase it. I tried not to be a political person. But I’ve tried to be a principled person my whole life for sure.”

“But I wasn’t shoving that it in anyone’s face either.  I was just living my life trying to be true to myself and what I know God was calling me to and I was trying to do that in Hollywood as an actor, so it’s not helpful to be in Hollywood as an actor to be politically classical or conservative or constitutional or any of those things so I wasn’t preaching about that or anything. But like I said, 2020 the whole world shifted.”

Strand continues, ” I was arrested on Martin Luther King day, ironically enough, which is January 18th and I, uh, didn’t get a chance to figure out what I was actually charged with until I was released from prison, uh, after those four days and maybe the week after that that I got to touch base with my, my, attorney and figure out what was going on, so…”

Straka: “And you’re charged with four misdemeanors and a felony, is that correct?”

Strand: “That’s correct.”

Straka: “And essentially, these four misdemeanors are, so, there multiple variations of essentially being in a restricted area?”

Strand: “Actually there is only one for being in a restricted area. The other ones are variations on disorderly conduct.”

Straka: “Ok, and then tell us about the felony.”

Strand: “The felony is obstruction of justice for preventing an official proceeding I think is the full title of the indictment. But it’s an obstruction of justice charge which carries a 20-year prison sentence.”

Straka: “Were you charged with that charge from the very beginning?”

Strand: “Yes.”

Strand: ” The situation we are facing is not legitimate, it’s not acceptable, it’s not honorable. It’s not legal, actually. It is a constitutional violation to target and prosecute and punish certain groups of people and not other groups of people for similar actions when you are explicitly choosing who to prosecute and punish based on your desire to, to isolate and silence and, you know, destroy them, based on their political affiliation or opinion.”

Straka: “But I think at least 80-90% are taking plea deals. You’re not.  Why?”

Strand: “No. Well, you said there is a good reason for people to do that and that’s absolutely true in the practical sense, um, pragmatically to deal with the reality that we’re facing.  But the reality we’re facing is not ok.”

John’s trial begins on September 19th.

Watch the powerful interview below.



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