Bi-Partisan Focus Group Agrees-Biden’s America Is a Disaster

Pollster Frank Luntz joined Morning Joe on Friday to discuss American’s views on the current state of the country.  The focus group’s  assessment of Biden’s America was grim.

Luntz convened the focus group to discuss the economy and their perception of where America stands today.

Luntz shared, “Last night I did go on to the queue and spent about an hour interviewing people and I’ve been very depressed. And I know people will laugh at that, but if you listen to what I listened to, hear what I hear, from the American people, it’s very upsetting. The level of division, the level of anger and frustration having country continue to go higher to a point you never thought it could reach.”

The focus group included a nationwide sample of voters, half of whom voted for President Trump, half for Biden.  They were asked if they think Washington understands the economic situation. The responses were a brutal assessment of the Biden administration.

Luntz then asked the group for one word to describe present day America.  The bi-partisan group responded, “Poor. Disparity. Struggling. Confusing. Uncertain. Depressing. Miserable. Divided. Shaky. Unstable. Polarized. Dire. Dismal. Division.”

It looks like Democrats and Republicans can agree on at least one thing.  The Biden administration has been a disaster for the American people.




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