Bank Withdraws Support From “Pride” Festival Due To “Activities Involving Children/Minors”

The Boise Pride festival is facing backlash over the inclusion of a kids’ drag show.

According to a description of the event, the show will include children between the ages of 11-18.

KTVB reported:

A drag show for kids, an event at the Boise Pride festival, has sparked backlash from the Republican party and far-right groups calling it inappropriate — but, children expressing themselves and their identities is empowering and builds confidence, says Boise Pride.

The drag show for kids, which is separate from the other drag performances, is scheduled to take place on Sunday at the Boise Pride Festival. The attention surrounding the event began on social media with far-right groups calling to protest the event. One post included a picture of a gun saying “Can’t expect God to do all the work” with a message to others: “Sunday, 9/11/2022, time to start at the Fred Meyer pride parade.”

Boise Police Department was made aware of these comments. Pride is also increasing their security at the event this year.

The Idaho Republican Party chair released a statement blasting the event and its sponsors.

Boise Mayor McLean campaigned as a moderate, but she has governed like her radical colleagues in Seattle and Portland. It’s no wonder that she’s now put Boise in the middle of a national firestorm over the sexualization of children. To be clear, this is no sleight-of-hand or political wordsmithing: Idaho’s Democrat party believes it is not only okay but laudable to encourage children to engage in public displays of sexuality. For those who have been following the radicalization of the Democrat party, this should come as no surprise.

What is surprising is to see who is financing this attack on Idaho’s children. Out-of-state companies promise to bring investment and jobs to Idaho. Instead, they are financing the sexualization of our children and the perverse idea that children should engage in sexual performances with adult entertainers. I call on all concerned Idahoans — and the lobbying groups that represent many of these out-of-state businesses who seek tax benefits and subsidies from our legislators, including IACI — to disavow this attack on Idaho’s children and to invest their sponsorship dollars in the Boise Rescue Mission that serves families, women fleeing abuse, and disadvantaged children. Children should be given the chance to live out a childhood free from violence, hunger, and the sexual appetites of adults.

Dorothy Moon,

Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party

Zions Bank withdrew its support for the event in a statement they released on Twitter.


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