WORRIED? Biden Advisers Pushing Him For Early Launch Of 2024 Presidential Campaign

Joe Biden’s advisers are reportedly pushing him to launch his 2024 presidential campaign early, a move that comes with certain risks.

This would look suspicious to many voters, who would ask why he felt the need to do it.

It could easily come across as an unspoken admission that they’re worried about his chances.

It would also seem odd, considering all the polls that show even most Democrats don’t want him to run again.

Reuters reports:

Biden advisers push early launch of his 2024 presidential campaign

U.S. President Joe Biden should announce his candidacy for re-election sooner than usual following November’s congressional race in a bid to squash speculation about the Democrat’s plans ahead of the 2024 campaign, several sources said.

Biden, who turns 80 shortly after the Nov. 8 midterms, has faced increasing questions about his own political future despite long maintaining that he intends to seek re-election.

Biden is already the oldest person to occupy the Oval Office, besting Ronald Reagan, who ended two terms in office at age 77.

Whether he, or anyone, could endure the rigors of a U.S. presidential campaign and run the world’s largest economy in their eighties is a matter of growing debate. His leading prospective Republican opponent, Donald Trump, would also be in his eighties at the end of a 2024 term.

Do they really think Biden is going to be up for this?

Is Biden even going to finish his first term?

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