Two Georgia Counties FOR a Hand Recount Suddenly Change Course

It is extremely important to understand the state of affairs and levels of corruption in Georgia’s elections.  Before we can get into the two Georgia counties who have disregarded the will of their constituents and instead sided with questionable legal representation, we must first get an overview of Georgia’s election history since 2020:

We have enough credible evidence, mostly sourced through Open Records Requests and public information, to warrant a thorough investigation into the 2020 election in Georgia.  There will be much more on this coming in the following days from The Gateway Pundit.  However, we cannot get even a simple examination of physical paper ballots.

Fulton County as well as the Secretary of State’s office have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions by this point, defending the precious ballots from any inspection in the cases, among others.  With less than one month left in the federally mandated retention of said ballots, I’m afraid the State of Georgia has successfully run a disruption campaign to kick the proverbial can down the road just long enough to thwart physical examinations.

Fast forward to the 2022 Primary

In the GOP primary, the two politicians responsible for the unconstitutional Dominion Voting machines benefited greatly from them.  In a case of another Raffensperger Special, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Brian Kemp mysteriously outperformed their polling numbers by more than 23% and 17%, respectively.

Raffensperger was able to stay above the 50% threshold the entire night to avoid a run off .  The same occurred with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who was polling around 55% (average) but somehow pulled off a 73.7% win.  Both Kemp and Raffensperger were running against Trump endorsed candidates who drastically underperformed Trump backed candidates across the country.

In the aftermath of the 2022 primary, was on site in Cobb County, GA for a hand recount of the Vinings cityhood races.  Instead of counting those races, however, VoterGA representatives counted the Secretary of State races as the ballots passed by.  The team was able to establish that Raffensperger won about 53% of the votes in that hand recount “audit”.  The problem is that Raffensperger was awarded 68.4% of those same votes.  The difference between the reported number and hand recount is consistent with the gap in the polling.

There was also the discrepancy in DeKalb County, where democrat candidate Michelle Long Spears went from 3rd place to 1st place in a hand recount of her race after discovering no one reportedly voted for her in her own precinct where she and her husband both voted for her.  We were given the excuse that a last minute candidate removal caused a counting error in the race.  However, no other races were recounted and the initial miscount was chalked up to “human error”.  The problem is that either DeKalb must recount all races to confirm they weren’t impacted or J. Alex Halderman’s report in Antrim Co., MI is inaccurate.  I wrote about this back in June for The Gateway Pundit.  The relationship of these two separate events cannot be understated.

Speaking of J. Alex Halderman, we cannot ignore his sealed report in Curling v. Raffesnperger that was recently divulged to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA (remember “Most secure election in American history”).  CISA immediately released an advisory on the very machines used in Georgia.  In that advisory, CISA recommended officials “conduct rigorous post-election tabulation audits of the human-readable portions of physical ballots and paper records, to include reviewing ballot chain of custody…

NONE of this has been done.  In fact, to the contrary, Fulton County Board of Registrations and Elections held a seemingly secret meeting after discovering “missing CF cards” accounted for numerous missing ballots.  On a Sunday afternoon in a loud warehouse with a primitive cell phone live-stream that wasn’t streamed on any of the platforms they announced (YouTube or their own .gov website) but exclusively on their (unannounced) Facebook page, the Fulton County BRE recertified the primary results without knowing the new totals for the impacted races.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  They recertified new results on the word of former Dominion contractor turned Fulton Co employee Dominic Olomo, who failed to bring the new tallies not only to this ‘Sunday Special’ meeting, but also to the next official BRE meeting the following week.  Two meetings.  No new results.  Why?

“Hand Recounts” in Pickens Co and Cherokee Co

If you made it this far, you are unquestionably in search of the truth.  And this is exactly that: a quest for the truth.  Not blind trust, but trust based on easily verifiable evidence, such as hand counts.  Evidence that is highly recommended as a mitigation effort against fraud by the federal agency CISA.

Last week, there was a vote in Cherokee Co, GA and Pickens Co, GA to conduct hand recounts of their elections, a major step in the right direction to election integrity and restoration of faith and trust in the public.

Cherokee Co.

Last week, on Aug. 1st, over 200 people filed in to an auditorium in Cherokee Co. to show support of their Elections Board and Elections Director Ann Dover’s effort to conduct a hand recount of the 2022 GOP Sec. of State and Governor races.  The board had previously been supportive of transparency in their elections and, as a result, the constituents of Cherokee Co were hopeful their motion to hand recount would pass.

However, according to The Georgia Record, who has done an incredible job covering these issues, County Attorney Ann Brumbaugh spoke at the hearing and “was allowed to make a variety of false and intimidating statements in a six minute attack on the very board that employs her.”  Brumbaugh, a DeKalb Co resident and Obama contributor, formerly worked for the Secretary of State’s Office in Georgia, as well as the State Election Board.   She was hired by the Cherokee Co Elections Board, with a Republican majority, utilizing funds from the CTCL grants.

The Georgia Record claims that Brumbaugh “violated her oath of office to ‘honestly, justly and uprightly conduct myself’ and violated State Bar Rule 3.3(a) that requires her to not ‘knowingly make a false statement of fact to a tribunal’ and to not ‘knowingly fail to disclose a material fact to the tribunal’ and not ‘to be directly adverse to the position of the client’.

As of this writing, the 3-1 vote not to conduct a hand recount stands, entirely against the will of the People in Cherokee Co, and based on inaccurate legal guidance by an attorney with a questionable history and potential conflicts of interest.

Pickens Co.

Also, last week in Pickens Co, GA, county attorney Phillip Landrum “repeatedly refused to follow instructions from the Board of Voter Registration and Elections to prepare a legal motion requesting the Superior Court to unseal ballots from the May 24th, 2022 primary.”

Phillip Landrum, like Ann Brumbaugh in Cherokee County, appears to have a conflict of interest as well.  Landrum also represents the Pickens Co Board of Commissioners.  Landrum has refused to comply with the instruction that was passed by the Board of Voter Reg. and Elections (BRE) to prepare a motion to conduct an audit on the Governor and Sec of State races.

Landrum based his decision to ignore a lawful order on the fact that an existing petition by Pickens Co. Republican Chair Christopher Mora was filed to unseal the ballots in support of the Pickens Co BRE.

Ironically, the three Pickens Superior Court judges who would rule on the simple petition mentioned above recused themselves from making a decision on it.  Judges Brenda Weaver, Mary Elizabeth Priest, and John Worcester  recused themselves to avoid “the appearance of impropriety or impartiality in the conduct of the above proceedings”.  This is beyond bizarre, however, as 2 of the 3 weren’t on the ballots for the 2022 primary.  So why the recusal?

On August 2nd, the BRE and Landrum both refused to answer questions from their constituents.  Instead, they found out that rather than the audit proceeding, it had been “secretly delayed.”  Landrum also refused to address his refusal to draft the motion that had already been ordered by the BRE previously.

From The Georgia Record:

“Landrum and the board further contended at the same meeting that Mora’s petition must be resolved before they can move forward with an audit. This is patently false and the board was aware of Mora’s June 24 petition before it voted to instruct counsel in July. Landrum and the board can unseal ballots and conduct an audit regardless of a friendly petition seeking to do the same thing. Mora has even offered to withdraw the petition if the board audits the primary results thus saving the county from any litigation.”

O.C.G.A. § 21-2-500 gives the Superior Court judges undisputed authority to unseal the ballots for auditing purposes.

Landrum, like Brumbaugh in Cherokee Co, appears to be in violation of his oath to office as well as the State Bar Rules 3.3(a) as mentioned above.

The circumstances surrounding the 2020 and 2022 elections in Georgia have left the people of Georgia confused, disenfranchised, and flat out enraged.  There is an obvious resistance from a cohort of Sec. of State officials, attorneys and judges to thwart any effort to conduct a CISA-recommended “rigorous post-election audit” of any race in Georgia.  This is despite massive discrepancies between “tallied” votes and polling data in the Governor and Sec of State races.  The only known hand recount to date revealed thousands of votes flipping in one single race.  Enough to flip the winner from first place to third place.  And the excuse given is highly indicative that every single other race in that county was effected.  But no one cares to check.  ‘Trust us’ and ‘It was human error…we fixed it’ isn’t enough anymore.

Over the coming days, The Gateway Pundit will be compiling numerous issues surrounding Georgia’s conduct in the 2020 election including missing and deleted evidence that is legally required to be maintained, and deliberate efforts to stop public oversight into the elections.

The People of Georgia are sick of the deception and the stone-walling.  The People want confirmation.  And Georgia officials at the county level have both the ability and authority to do so.

Hat tip to The Georgia Record!

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