Oklahoma Woman On Meth Held On $1 Million Bond After Slipping Out Of Handcuffs, Grabbing Rifle, Then Shooting Citizen And Officer From The Back Of Police Car (VIDEO)

A shocking Oklahoma police body camera video shows a woman in the back of a police car slipping out of her handcuffs, loading a rifle, and then shooting a civilian.

Rachael Zion Clay opened fire, hitting the civilian and a deputy. The man screamed, “Ow!” in footage recorded by officers’ body cameras.

Shots continued as the man and two officers ran for cover behind another marked vehicle. The man’s son ran over to help his father and officers rushed him to safety.

Fox News reported,

Oklahoma authorities have released wild dash and bodycam video that shows a handcuffed woman retrieving a police rifle and firing it out of the back of a patrol car – striking a civilian and a deputy.

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office responded to a wellness check at a home in Blanchard just before noon on Aug. 12. Deputies took a woman into custody, placed her in handcuffs and into the back of a marked SUV.

Video taken inside the vehicle shows her squirming in the backseat, slipping one hand out of her cuffs and fishing out the rifle.

She loads it, aims out the window and begins firing.

The wounded man’s son was also nearby and is seen running over and assisting with first aid as officers call for backup and an ambulance.

Both victims were hospitalized with injuries that were not considered life-threatening, according to authorities.

Police initially described the encounter as a barricade situation and eventually the suspect, Rachael Zion Clay, surrendered to authorities.

The video shows the civilian bleeding from his chest and his son attempting to help.

“Clay barricaded herself inside the vehicle for over four hours before she surrendered, and officers found methamphetamines in her system,” Daily Mail reported.

She is now being held at the Grady County jail on a $1 million bond charged with “shooting with intent to kill.”

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