Never Forget: Charlie Crist’s Running Mate Karla Hernandez Mats Called LatinX Communities “Racist and” Full of “White Supremacy”

As the mid-term elections heat up across the country, Governor Ron DeSantis’s opponent, Charlie Crist, told Floridians he doesn’t want Republicans voting for him and then praised the feckless Joe Biden as the second coming. Then, the following day, Crist supported Joe Biden calling Trump supporters “semi-fascists“.  Now, go get your experimental vaccine or you can’t go to school or work until you do, you pleb!  This is all the while the governor of New York is telling some 5 million New Yorkers that they aren’t, in fact, New Yorkers and to leave to Florida because they’re Republicans.  You are more than welcome here in the Sunshine State…just don’t “New York” our Florida!

Ironically, today on the Daily Recap podcast, an old story about Gina Carano and Kristalnacht came up.  I can’t help but acknowledge the foresight of that statement and the gradual degradation of our republic since she made it.

Now, today, DeSantis War Room rehashed a tweet from the United Teachers of Dade from 2020 where union boss Karla Hernandez-Mats attacked the LatinX community by calling them racists and white supremacists.  Perhaps Hernandez-Mats should pay attention to her own school board that just flipped conservative last Tuesday to become the largest conservative school board in the country.

Americans are sick of being told they’re racist.  Americans are sick of being labeled by virtue signaling politicians and pandered to every couple of years to try and win an election and then forgotten about until the next election cycle.  This woman went as far as attacking her own ethnic group.  And they rejected her and her leadership en masse this past election.

Keep selling division, Democrats.  Americans aren’t buying it anymore.

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