Missouri RINOs Suspected of Creating an Entity to Endorse Themselves as Pro-life for Election Purposes After Losing Missouri Right to Life’s Endorsement

Missouri RINOs are suspected of creating an entity to endorse themselves as pro-life after losing Missouri Right to Life’s endorsement. 

Some Internet sleuths have uncovered legal documentation for an organization named “Missouri Pro Life” registered on July 11, 2022, by Pathguide Law, which is the law firm of former Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew, currently an attorney.

Immediately after the paperwork was filed, this “organization” issued endorsements to five current incumbent Republicans in Missouri. Missouri Right to Life rescinded its endorsement of these five Senators over their votes to fund Planned Parenthood.

Each individual had received much scrutiny from constituents, so it appears these five candidates colluded together to form this shell organization to fabricate endorsement.  Mike Cierpiot was one individual who was endorsed by Missouri Pro Life.

So was Mike Bernskoetter.  He shared his endorsement from this entity on social media as well.

As this has been exposed the endorsement that they have been promoting has been deleted from all social media.

And there are a group of Patriots in the Kansas City area that are considering taking legal action against incumbent Mike Cierpiot for misrepresentation and potentially defrauding the public as he made false claims with the intent to deceive the public in order to win an election.

Below are a series of events that led to this being reported.

  1. June 8, 2022 – MO Senator Cierpiot loses Missouri Right to Life endorsement over his vote to fund planned parenthood
  2. June 24 – Roe vs. Wade overturned
  3. June 27 – Abortion-related RightPath PAC makes $25K donation to Cierpiot PAC (Jackson County Leadership PAC) (RightPath PAC funded by Washington University donors to protect abortion training program at Medical school)
  4. July 10 – domain registered for straw Missouri Pro Life https://missouripro.life/ see date & time of registration here https://lookup.icann.org/en/lookup
  5. July 11 – Former MO Representative Kevin Corlew files Temporary Name reservation filed with state for “Missouri Pro Life” for July 11 – Sept 9, 2022. State website identifies PathGuide Law LLC as a registrant (screenshots of legal paperwork stamped as Received by State) search “Missouri Pro Life” at sos.Mo.gov (Corlew is listed as Principal at Pathway Law)
  6. Corlew advertises on his website PathGuide Law “Helping your business or organization reach its purposed destination”
  7. July 18 – Missouri Pro Life files official Statement of Committee Organization with Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) for campaign listing Amy Corlew, Kevin Corlew’s wife as Treasurer. Charter # NR000775369 MEC.mo.gov/scanned/PDF/2022/164131.pdf
  8. July 20 – Missouri Senator Bernskoetter (MO Senate District 6) announces straw endorsement on FB (Bernskoetter also facing an outspoken Pro-Life challenger)
  9. July 21 – Cierpiot announces straw endorsement on FB (screenshot of announcement)
  10. Many Comments by constituents on Mike’s FB announcement question validity of endorsement & organization
  11. Amy Corlew published as Treasurer of straw Missouri Pro Life at bottom of website MissouriPro.Life
  12. Reserved name for straw organization “Missouri Pro.Life “ expires on Sept 9, 2022, with Primary election held on Aug 2
  13. Specific incumbent MO senators who lost Missouri Right to Life endorsement & who promoted straw endorsements are: Mike Bernskoetter, Mike Cierpiot, Rudy Veit, Randy Railsback, John D. Wiemann.

This is a horrible thing to do.

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