Megyn Kelly Reacts To FBI Raid On Trump’s Home: ‘BULLS**T!’ (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump may have a rocky past, but when it comes to the FBI’s raid on his Florida home, she is definitely on Trump’s side.

During a recent episode of her podcast, she went off on the FBI and Attorney General Merrick Garland, repeatedly calling the raid “bulls**t” and insisting that this is nothing more than political harassment.

She also suggested that this is just the continuation of the left’s never-ending attack on Trump and that they’re afraid he will run again and win.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:

MEGYN KELLY: There is no way that is what they were searching for….

I read Andy McCarthy, who as it turns out agrees with me, I agree with him the former top prosecutor….

This is about January 6. If you believe this has to do with classified documents, having to do with bullshit Trump took with him when he left office, your head is in the sky. This is about January 6 and the never-ending desire to get Donald Trump on something.

They don’t want him to run for election again. They’re mad that he did not get convicted on the first or second impeachment, they are mad that he did not get pursued criminally by the New York D.A.

They are mad Russia-gate fell apart and they are made he is ahead in the polls, crushing DeSantis, and that his candidates of choice all [won primaries] last week, and the Democrats are prepared to play dirty.

[Attorney General] Merrick Garland is clearly willing to go along with that. He’s been moving in, in concentric circles toward Donald Trump over the past several weeks, going after his top advisor with subpoenas, we’ve seen close Trump advisors in handcuffs, dragged away as if they’re like mobsters. This is really getting alarming and the American public deserves answers.

Here’s the short clip where she goes off:

You can watch the entire episode below if you like:

Megyn hasn’t always gotten things right, but she’s right about this.

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