LAUGHABLE “Hit Piece” By NYTs On Day Before GOP State Convention Reveals How Dems and RINOs Fear Popular, Trump-Endorsed MI GOP AG Candidate Matt DePerno

100 Percent Fed Up – On Saturday, the Michigan Republican Party delegates will convene in the state’s capital for their State Convention. Over 2,000 MIGOP precinct delegates and alternates will come together to formalize the nominations of SOS candidate Kristina Karamo and Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno. They were chosen in April by over 1,000 precinct delegates to represent their party in the upcoming November election.

Kristina Karamo and Matt DePerno

It only seems natural that the New York Times would choose today to publish a laughable hit-piece on Michigan’s popular GOP Attorney General candidate Matt DePerno, on behalf of the Democratic Party and Michigan’s most embarrassing and lawless Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The article that was published late in the afternoon is filled with “anonymous sources,” including alleged MI lawmakers who, after almost a decade, are still angry about DePerno representing one of their fellow lawmakers, MI State Rep. Todd Courser, a fellow lawmaker who was caught having an affair with another lawmaker in Lansing.

MI AG Dana Nessel (D) and Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno (R)

DePerno is Michigan’s best chance to unseat Attorney General Dana Nessel, the radical, lawless, and black-out drunk (at an MSU-U of M college football game last Fall). Nessel has committed several lawless acts during her short tenure as Michigan’s top law enforcement officer.

Black-out drunk Dana Nessel is seen in the stands surrounded by tens of thousands of MSU and U of M fans.

In addition to having an immigrant business owner arrested for daring to remain open during the unconstitutional and excessive COVID shutdown orders by Michigan’s tyrannical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Nessel’s office repeatedly threatened business owners for daring to remain open as they struggled to keep their only source of income from being stolen by two heartless women with an agenda.

Polish immigrant and US citizen Marlena Pavlos-Hackney was arrested and jailed for refusing to obey the tyrannical orders of MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and AG Nessel to shut down her restaurant.

As Michigan’s lawless AG Dana Nessel watches her chances of maintaining her role as the state’s number one law enforcement officer diminish, she made the outrageous decision to weaponize her position against her political opponent Matt DePerno.

The New York Times mentions the investigation into DePerno by his opponent Dana Nessel; however, the authors of the article, Alexandra Berzon and Nick Corasaniti, neglect to mention how Nessel is using her elected position as a weapon against her opponent less than three months before the election, as a way to smear him and call his character into question with voters.

This month, the Michigan attorney general’s office released documents that suggest Mr. DePerno was a key orchestrator of a separate plot to gain improper access to voting machines in three other Michigan counties. The attorney general, Dana Nessel, the Democrat Mr. DePerno is challenging for the office, requested that a special prosecutor be appointed to pursue the investigation into the scheme and weigh criminal charges. Mr. DePerno denies the allegations and called them politically motivated.

We reported on Nessel’s use of her elected position to smear her political opponent by shopping for a special prosecutor in Oakland County, MI, who will agree to investigate DePerno for his alleged role in the investigation of one or more tabulators used in the 2020 election. The tabulator or tabulators in question were reportedly turned over by a township clerk to be examined by an outside source. The alleged tabulator inspection, which has not been proven illegal, allegedly occurred after the election was certified.

BREAKING: Lawless MI AG Dana Nessel Weaponizes Her Position To Smear Her Political Opponent Matt DePerno, Who Has a +1 Advantage In Most Recent Poll

Nessel’s attacks on Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno began in early December 2021, when he made national news over the decision by a MI judge to allow DePerno and his team of forensic investigators to perform a forensic audit received on a tabulator in Antrim County, MI where over 4,000 votes flipped from Trump to Joe Biden on Election Day.

The morning after the forensic audit was performed on the Dominion tabulator, Mr. DePerno received a phone call from the MI State Bar warning him that they had opened an investigation into a case he tried over a year ago in Lapeer, MI. Mr. DePerno was told that the State Bar of Michigan had already requested over 6,000 pages of documents related to the case. According to Mr. DePerno, there has never been a single complaint filed about the case. He believes the phone call was simply an act of intimidation on the part of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. DePerno expressed his concern about the timing of the call from the MI State Bar office, telling him, “In light of the news that’s breaking today, this seems very political to me.” DePerno explained, “They’re just digging for stuff!”

Nessel refused to investigate multiple allegations of election fraud following the hotly contested November 2020 election, but curiously, she added Jocelyn Benson’s name to the Antrim Co. lawsuit as a defendant.

On Wednesday, December 9, Matthew DePerno and his client, Mr. Bailey, waited patiently for the results of the forensic examination of the Dominion voting machines to arrive. While he was waiting for the results, Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel, who won her election after bragging she was the best candidate for the job because she didn’t have a penis, added Michigan’s far-left, dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to the lawsuit as a defendant.

On June 4, we reported about how Barry County, MI Sheriff Dar Leaf has sued AG Nessel and

From the lawsuit:

This lawsuit represents a flagrant violation of constitutional and statutory law on the part of Defendants, both named and unnamed, who took it upon themselves to bully, harass, intimidate, threaten, and ultimately to unconstitutionally usurp, and/or cause to be usurped and replaced, and/or to invade and encroach upon the powers and duties of Plaintiff as the Constitutional Sheriff of Barry County, in the performance of his constitutional and common-law duties, and in adhering to his oath of office by choosing to honor and uphold state and federal laws by exercising his constitutional and statutory duties to investigate alleged election fraud and crime.

The lawsuit states that Attorney General Nessel, who has no accountability to the Barry County Electorate and even less authority to encroach upon the law enforcement functions of a constitutional sheriff, has committed a flagrant violation of constitutional and statutory laws by usurping the power of Sheriff Dar Leaf by obstructing, impeding, prejudging the ability of a duly elected official to conduct a criminal investigation into allegations of criminal acts related to the 2020 election and voting.

BREAKING: Hero Sheriff Sues Lawless MI AG Nessel, Dishonest MI SOS Benson For Interfering, Obstructing and Covering Up Crimes In Election Fraud Investigations, Including Machine Voting, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking

Recently, Michigan AG Dana Nessel revealed her true radical nature when she defended subjecting children to drag queen shows in schools, saying, “Drag queens are fun,” adding, “A drag queen for every school!”

With absolutely no evidence of their claim, NYT’s makes the following statement in their ridiculous article:

By spring, as it became clear that Mr. DePerno was flirting with a run for attorney general, Republicans in Michigan grew fearful that his candidacy could be a drag on the entire ticket, according to multiple former members of the state party and others familiar with the state party discussions. They encouraged another Republican to run and tried — and failed — to head off a potential endorsement from Mr. Trump.

NOTHING could be further from the truth…

MI GOP AG candidate Matt DePerno has received a wide range of support across the state of Michigan. President Trump, RNC Committeeman Dr. Rob Steele, leaders in the MIGOP, MIGOP delegates, top Republican candidates like GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, her pick for Lt. Governor Shane Hernandez, whose nomination will likely be confirmed this weekend, and grassroots leaders across Michigan, are all standing tall behind Matt DePerno despite the false attacks and accusations thrown at him by the media, Democrats, and never-Trumpers in the Republican Party.

In July, MI GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon threw her full support behind Matt DePerno:

Yesterday, Former MI State Rep. Shane Hernandez, Dixon’s pick to be her Lt. Governor, also endorsed Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo.

RNC State Committeeman Dr. Rob Steele spoke at a large fundraiser for Matt DePerno on Wednesday evening:

Rumors about never-Trump operatives within the Republican Party speaking with the New York Times about an upcoming hit piece on Matt have been running rampant on social media. Political activists revealed to 100 Percent Fed Up that never-Trump GOP political consultant David Forsmark, arguably one of the biggest bullies in the business, bragged about his hour-long interview with the New York Times about DePerno. Forsmark has worked for several RINOs in Michigan, including MI State Rep. Ryan Berman, who came in a distant third place when he ran against RINO Tom Leonard and grassroots favorite Matt DePerno for the AG nomination at the MI GOP State convention in 2022.

According to multiple inside sources, Forsmark and Berman have been working behind the scenes to suspend the convention rules tomorrow to change them in hopes of challenging the confirmation of DePerno’s nomination. I reached out to the term-limited Berman via text to ask him about a potential challenge of DePerno at the convention.

I asked Berman if he planned to challenge DePerno’s confirmation in the upcoming convention.

First question: You only got 11% of the delegate vote at state convention earlier this year; what makes you believe you can get the required 75% of the vote necessary to replace Matt DePerno? 

It’s fairly clear by Berman’s response that he still has not gotten over his brutal, third-place loss to outsider Matt DePerno: 

I don’t, but I don’t believe 75% is the threshold. It may be 70%, but anyway there are ways to change or suspend the rules with less percentage required. Regardless, if you read above I already denied I was trying to “unseat DePerno”. Furthermore regarding my vote percentage in April, Head to head I would’ve beat DePerno (and Leonard). The numbers show that. The majority of delegates in April voted against DePerno.
In Round 2 with the support of the majority of the delegates that voted for me in round 1, DePerno then beat Leonard. I was #2 pick for over 90% of both DePerno and Leonard voters.

Here is a screenshot of our exchange:

Despite the best efforts by the mainstream media, the never-Trump RINOs in MI (of which there is no shortage) and the Democrat Party leaders who fear them, Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo, were able to defeat the establishment party candidates and capture the nomination at the MI GOP Party’s state convention.

HISTORIC HUMILIATION: Trump-Endorsed Candidates Sweep Establishment GOP Picks as Grassroots Rise Up…Win Against All Odds

One of our sources has also confirmed that the New York Times article would include a mischaracterization of the MI GOP Co-Chair’s relationship with Matt DePerno. The authors of the hit piece decided to skip that part of the story.

We spoke with MIGOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock who confessed that she underestimated the desire of Republican Party members to elect Matt DePerno as their Attorney General candidate in 2022.

MIGOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock

“Matt [DePerno] is the most underestimated candidate I’ve ever known!” Maddock told us.  “When President Trump first talked about Matt to me, he said, ‘He’s a fighter; I think he’s the one.’ Meshawn admittedly tried to persuade President Trump that Matt had no chance of winning the party’s nomination. “There is no way—-zero chance that Matt Deperno will ever make it through the Michigan State Republican convention!” the MIGOP co-chair told President Trump. “I explained that he would be running against Tom Leonard, a master of convention tactics organized by the establishment. I told President Trump that Leonard, who is deeply embedded in the establishment, won the nomination in 2018 and has all the name recognition,” Mrs. Maddock explained. She further advised President Trump of the obstacles that would be placed in front of DePerno, “He had a machine in place ready to win!” she explained. “Meanwhile, Matt Deperno didn’t even know what a Delegate was!” Meshawn said jokingly.

The final election tally shows Matt DePerno defeating establishment Republican and RINO favorite Tom Leonard. DePerno beat Leonard when he took 54.57% of the delegate votes, compared to 45.24% for Leonard, with a large majority of the third-place candidate and fellow RINO Ryan Berman’s delegates voting for Leonard.

Maddock told us she trusted President Trump’s judgment about DePerno; ultimately, she admits he was correct. “I personally had no faith that Matt could ever take down that establishment titan,” Mrs. Maddock admitted. “President Trump, a week later, called me and said, ‘I’m going with Matt [DePerno], and I need you on board; you have to help him win.’ I took a deep breath and said, ‘yes, sir, I’m on team Trump. I will do everything I can!’ I fought side by side with Matt those months leading up to the convention and then endorsed him even though I was told not to by party leaders.” she said.

MIGOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who is married to Michigan’s most conservative lawmaker Rep. Matt Maddock, who has been endorsed by President Trump as Michigan’s next Speaker of the House, is part of a group of grassroots leaders who secured nominations in the MI GOP traditionally been held by establishment candidates.

MI GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock and Trump-endorsed candidate for MI Speaker of the House sit on the edge of the stage, waiting for Matt DePerno’s nomination results to appear on the tally board next to them.

“We defeated Goliath at the April convention. Now, Matt DePerno and I are very close, and we talk almost every day. I am grateful the President pushed hard for him,” Mrs. Maddock told us.  “Trump always has the best instincts,” she added.

While speaking at the Oak. Co. GOP Headquarters on Aug. 20, during the Dream Cruise, Matt DePerno blamed Democrat leadership in Michigan for rising crime and creating a hostile climate for businesses. DePerno vowed to “take back our state,” saying he would never again “allow the government to weaponize the health department—to tell you you cannot go outside—you cannot work—and you cannot put food on your children’s table.”

Despite their best efforts, the Democrat Party, RINOs in Michigan, and the local media have been unable to take down Matt DePerno. As usual, Trump was right—Matt DePerno is a fighter—and according to the latest polls, it’s very likely he will also be a winner in the 2022 mid-term election.

Matt is in dire need of financial assistance for his campaign, as the far-left and pro-abortion crowd will be dumping a ton of money into Nessel’s campaign, who has openly admitted she will not prosecute medical professionals for aborting babies regardless of what the law says.

Matt DePerno’s campaign website can be found here:

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