Justice Department Sues Peter Navarro to Compel Him to Produce Trump White House Emails After FBI Put Him in Leg Irons in Ambush Arrest

The Justice Department is suing (civilly) Dr. Peter Navarro to compel him to produce Trump White House emails after the FBI put him in leg irons during his recent arrest.

The DOJ is working to compel Navarro to turn over emails from a “non-official email account… to send and receive messages constituting Presidential records,” the Justice Department said in a court filing according to Politico.

Why didn’t Hillary Clinton get the same treatment from the DOJ after she used a personal email account to evade FOIA while she was the head of the Department of State?

Politico reported:

The Justice Department on Wednesday sued former Donald Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro in an effort to force him to turn over emails from his tenure in the White House.

Navarro, who worked for the White House during the entirety of Trump’s presidency, had used “at least one non-official email account … to send and receive messages constituting Presidential records,” the Justice Department said in a court filing. Attorneys also accused him of “wrongfully retaining them” in violation of federal record-keeping laws, as Navarro did not copy the messages into an official government account, nor did he respond to the National Archivist’s initial request for the emails.

The Justice Department approached Navarro about producing the missing emails, but he refused to return records “absent a grant of immunity for the act of returning such documents,” the department said.

The National Archives first became aware of Navarro’s use of a personal email account last year, according to the filing, after the House select panel investigating the coronavirus pandemic obtained emails showing Navarro used the ProtonMail account for official White House activities.

A federal grand jury in June indicted Trump advisor Dr. Peter Navarro for contempt of Congress after he refused to cooperate with Liz Cheney’s unconstitutional January 6 Committee.

Navarro faces two contempt counts: one for his failure to produce documents demanded by the committee and the other for failing to show up for subpoenaed testimony before House investigators.

According to Navarro, the feds put him in leg irons and threw him in a cell.

“They intercepted me gettin’ on the plane and then they put me in handcuffs, they bring me here. They put me in leg irons. They stick me in a cell,” Navarro said to reporters after his arrest.

Navarro did not take a plea on the contempt of Congress charges during last month’s status hearing.

Navarro’s federal case was assigned to US District Court Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee.

Navarro’s civil suit was assigned to US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Bill Clinton appointee.

How convenient.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton made a great point: The DOJ never sued Hillary Clinton after she destroyed BlackBerrys and (personal) emails that were under subpoena.

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