Joe Biden Has Nothing on His Public Schedule Today and Hasn’t Done an On-Camera Interview with American Media Outlet Since February

Joe Biden had zero public events scheduled for Wednesday.

Biden has only taken a handful of softball questions from sycophantic reporters in the last five weeks.

79-year-old Joe Biden has not done an on-camera interview with American media since February 10.

His last on-camera (heavily edited) interview was with an Israeli outlet last month.

Biden returned to the White House on Tuesday for 5 hours to sign the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ before leaving on another vacation to Delaware.

The look on Joe Biden’s face as the Democrats erupted in cheers said it all.

Biden looked totally clueless, mouth agape as he looked around and eventually handed a pen to Senator Manchin.


They’re going to try to hide Dementia Joe until the midterms.

Joe Biden is not well.

After hiding in Covid isolation for two weeks at the White House, Joe, his crackhead son Hunter and Jill took off for South Carolina for a weeklong beach vacation.

The Biden crime family stayed in a $20 million beachfront mansion in Kiawah Beach in South Carolina ‘for free.’

Biden remained silent on the one-year anniversary of his botched Afghanistan withdrawal that resulted in 13 dead US service members and many more wounded.

Joe Biden is now hiding out at his Delaware basement after Jill Biden tested positive for Covid.

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