Hero Tina Peters Sues Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, for Illegal Recount – Massive Corruption Is Being Covered Up in Colorado

Colorado Secretary of State candidate, Tina Peters is suing the corrupt Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold due to her performing a recent recount that was illegally executed.

Peters wants a recount according to the law.  She believes this will prove that she won the recent 2022 GOP primary. 

The Democrats and Dominion are doing all they can to stop this recount because if Peters is right, it will prove that the recent primary was stolen — which was likely. 

Quick history:

Tina Peters is a Gold Star mom and was County Clerk in Mesa County, Colorado during the 2020 election.  She is in the trailer for the upcoming movie, Selection Code where she shares a portion of her story.

This movie is scheduled to be released next weekend!

Peters was dining over lunch when she was arrested on bogus charges in Colorado in 2021.  Peters was told to perform an activity on her voting machines in Colorado which Peters feared would erase the memory in the machine back in 2021.  In response, Peters obtained an expert who made a forensic copy of the machines in her jurisdiction before performing the task.  Voter records in national elections, including machine data, are to be maintained per federal law for 22 months after the election.  Destroying the data on these machines would have been a crime.  Apparently, all the other counties in the state deleted information from their voting machines by performing the task ordered by the far left Democrat Secretary of State, Jena Griswold.

What Peters found on those machines is what the Democrats, RINOs, the Deep State, and voting machine companies did not want to be found.

Peters is being punished by these individuals and their corrupt media rather than being praised as an American hero.

After all of this, the Gold Star mother decided to run for the Secretary of State’s office (you can help her here).

Peters was way ahead in the polls by 20-30 points but some no-name character who’s connected to the CTCL which spread Zuckerbucks across the country in 2020, won the recent GOP primary.

Georgia’s Raffensperger’s Report to Legislature “Withheld Facts… Contained Many False Statements and Deceptively Misleading Claims” – VoterGA’s Garland Favorito in 42 Item Rebuttal (VIDEO)

Peters had to come up with $250,000 seemingly overnight to challenge the race.  She did this and demanded an election recount.  Peters believes she has information that the election was stolen.  In response, the corrupt Democrat Secretary of State and Dominion reviewed a minuscule sample of votes and said everything was ok.

Ms. Peters believes this bogus process was illegal and does not comply with the state’s laws.  She is suing Griswold so that she can obtain a full recount across the state which the law calls for.

For some reason, Dominion and the Democrats don’t want anyone looking inside their machines — once again!

Here are some more details on the recent bogus recount.

Breaking: Colorado Sec State Candidate Tina Peters Sues Every Clerk in Colorado over Recount Procedures

It’s time that America learns the truth.  No more hiding.  No more crimes. 

Here is a copy of Tina’s lawsuit.

Tina Peters Suing CO Sec of State by Jim Hoft on Scribd

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