Government Admits Oath Keepers Did Not “LEAD” Attack on US Capitol on January 6

The Biden regime admitted in a recent court filing that the Oath Keepers did not lead an attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The government admitted this in their most recent court filing.

Via page 7.

Here is the full document.

Government admits Oath Keep… by Jim Hoft

The US government is trying to frame the Oath Keepers and claim they were responsible for the violence at the US Capitol on January 6. The FBI would have better luck if they looked at their trained operatives instead who were leading the charge on the Capitol building.

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At least 20 undercover FBI and ATF agents were embedded at the US Capitol on January 6 along with several undercover Capitol Police officers.

The Biden regime is isolating and torturing Oath Keepers members to plead guilty to “seditious conspiracy” to overthrow the government. They know this is complete garbage but their lackeys in the media dutifully report on this Big Lie anyway.

It wasn’t Trump supporters or Oath Keepers who opened the doors on the US Capitol and let the protesters inside the building to walk the halls with MAGA flags.

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