FBI Seized Records Protected By Attorney-Client Privilege During Trump Raid, DOJ Refuses Trump Request for Special Master to Review

Some of the documents seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago were protected by attorney-client privilege, according to a new report.

At least five of the boxes taken during the raid are said to have contained protected documents.

Fox News reports, “the former president’s team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33, and a set of documents—all seen on the final page of the FBI’s property receipt —contained information covered by attorney-client privilege.”

The sources who spoke to Fox explained that the Justice Department also opposed Trump lawyers’ request for the appointment of an independent, special master to review the records.

During the raid, the Justice Department allegedly seized documents that were marked as classified, but former President Donald Trump maintains that they had been declassified while he was in office.

“Sources told Fox News that some records could be covered by executive privilege, which gives the president of the United States and other officials within the executive branch the authority to withhold certain sensitive forms of advice and consultation between the president and senior advisors,” the Fox report says. “It is unclear, at this point, if the records include communications between the former president and his private attorneys, White House counsel during the Trump administration, or a combination.”

The search warrant and property receipt from the raid were unsealed on Friday by Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart after Attorney General Merrick Garland requested that he do so.

“The locations to be searched include the ‘45 Office,’ all storage rooms, and all other rooms or areas within the premises used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff and in which boxes or documents could be stored, including all structures or buildings on the estate,” the warrant stated.

According to the receipt, the feds took about 20 boxes of documents from Trump’s residence.

Many Republicans believe that the raid was part of a plot to prevent Trump from running in 2024, but it has only boosted his popularity in the party and support for his potential run.


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