Fascists and Liberals Don’t Want to Label Biden FBI’s Storming of Mar-a-Lago a “Raid”

The corrupt Biden gang’s forced invasion yesterday of President Trump’s Florida property, Mar-a-Lago, is upsetting the fascist communist liberals. 

They are ok with what was done.  They actually cheered it.  They just want to label it something less offensive. 

Yesterday the corrupt FBI, under the most corrupt US Attorney General to date Merrick Garland, stormed President Trump’s residence in Florida and raided his home in an effort to find anything they could twist and pretend was a crime.

Before Obama, America was, for the most part, first identifying crimes and then making efforts to determine who the criminals were, locating them and arresting them.

But since Obama, the Deep State DOJ and FBI have focused instead on individuals and then finding crimes that can be pinned on them.

The Biden gang, an extension of the Obama Deep State, did this yesterday when it raided President Trump’s beautiful property Mar-a-Lago.  There are no crimes that President Trump has committed.   They are looking for anything.

The fascist communists who support the destruction of America cheered the raid and storming of the Trump property.


But then they realized that the remaining 85% of the country might not like this as much as they do.  So they panicked and decided to change the narrative.  They can’t change the fact that Trump’s property was raided by the FBI so they decided to change the name of what was done.

One individual was MSNBC’s Symone Sanders-Townsend who was Bernie Sanders’ national press secretary in 2016.  She demanded that people stop using the word “raid” to describe the FBI’s machine gun-toting raid on an innocent citizen and former President’s property in Florida.

The responses to those calling for a word other than ‘raid’ were hilarious.

Catturd responded:

Another response clarified the definitions of ‘raid’, ‘recession’ and ‘woman’ in a single tweet.

Liberals are so sly.  They think changing names can change facts.  Then again, it depends on what the definition of is is. 

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