Exactly! Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes Reacts To Mar-a-Lago Raid: “And Then They Take His Passports Like He’s Gonna Flee… These People Are PSYCHOPATHS” (VIDEO)

Truth Social CEO and former Congressman Devin Nunes appeared on Newsmax with Eric Bolling to call out the “psychopaths” who raided President Trump’s home and stole his passports.

The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump’s three passports were stolen by the corrupt FBI agents who raided his home last week.

The passports were later returned, but Save America attorney Christina Bobb said, “They were willing to go past the four corners of the warrant and take whatever they felt was appropriate or what they could take.”

“That is absolutely not how a warrant is supposed to be executed,” she continued.

“I Don’t Give Them a Pass – It Shows How Aggressive They Were” – Trump Attorney Christina Bobb Responds to FBI Goons Taking President Trump’s Passports (VIDEO)

This was not a mistake.

It was an attack on the American People, and President Trump stands in their way.

Nunes and Bolling held nothing back, calling it a “comedy skit” and comparing the so-called “Justice” Department’s treatment of President Trump to their treatment of Hunter Biden, a known criminal.

Bolling: Maybe the reason the DOJ doesn’t want that affidavit to see the light of day is because there’s a possibility there may have been an FBI agent planted, embedded in the Trump Mar-a-Lago orbit. What do you think of that? Is that possible? Is Trump concerned about weeding someone like that out?

Nunes: Well, look, I mean, who knows? Who the hell knows? We’re in such uncharted territory that we’ve now gone into we’re just in Bananna Republic world now. So, I find it hard to believe that Donald Trump was hiding any type of classified document. It’s just preposterous, right? And the fact that they would go and investigate him under the Espionage Act, and then they take his passports like he’s gonna flee, and look, you know what they’ll say? They’ll say, ‘Well, we had to take his passports because we didn’t know if he was gonna flee to Russia or not.’ These people are psychopaths, and an end has to be put to them. And only Republicans in Washington, I think, are going to be able to do this. But President Trump will be able to stand his ground. They’ll fight this but ultimately it’s got to be Congress.

Bolling: Did they really take the passports because they were concerned about Donald Trump fleeing the country? I mean, that sounds like crazy town. Are they that nuts? Are they that delusional that Donald Trump would flee that or is it gonna go out? Well, let me guess. Russia?

Nunes: I mean, look, this is a ridiculous conversation. This is like comedy hour. I mean, if you and I were having this conversation back in the day, you know, 10 or 12 years ago, whenever I first started going on your shows. Nobody would believe this. It would be like, you and I are putting together a comedy skit here.

Nunes: If Republicans, anybody wants to hide anything, all you got to do, hide it on Hunter Biden’s laptop, it’s guaranteed FBI, DOJ, they’ll never find it.

These psychopaths hate America!

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