DOCUMENTARY: “SEND ME” – Uncovers Efforts by Americans to Save Afghan Orphans and US Citizens Who Were Left Behind to Be Murdered by Taliban One Year Ago

America will never forget the Biden/Obama Administration’s surrender in Afghanistan one year ago.

Orphans, Americans, and individuals targeted by the Taliban were left behind to be murdered per a newly released documentary of the events only one year ago.

A trailer of the movie “Send Me” is out now.

The Daily Mail shared the following about this movie:

The incident in question transpired on August 25, members of the groups said in the recently released documentary, outside the Kabul Airport, where days later a suicide blast by ISIS-K agents would leave 13 servicemen and 170 Afghans dead.

Realizing the pressing nature of the situation, fellow SoA founder Nick Palmisciano – a former infantry officer in the US Army – said he, Kennedy, and their other colleagues enlisted the buses to help streamline the evacuation.

He said his team were particularly excited by this batch of refugees, who they felt were among the most deserving of being rescued.

‘We had orphans, 100 Christians, several high value individuals that were requested by govt entities. We also had the families of the crews that had been flying the charter airplanes.’

Despite being meticulously screened, the colonel refused to process them once they’d made it into the airport, and instead questioned whether the papers they’d presented guaranteeing their entry to the United States could have been faked.

Recalling the shocking moment the news was delivered, Kennedy said of the colonel’s inexplicable order: ‘He just makes the call – “Turn everybody around – put everybody back out, I don’t care who they are.’

The group – which included Kennedy, Palmisciano, Special Forces Officer Dave Johnson, and ex-recon Marine Chad Robichaux – had purchased the buses out of their own pockets, they said, and used them to pick up the various individuals across the war-torn country all through the night.

Robichaux said: ‘Whoever just made the decision to turn this bus around essentially just killed – just murdered – these people. And by the way, some of those people are children.

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One woman, twelve men, in the most desperate evacuation of our time.

100% of proceeds from the documentary benefit the mission of Save Our Allies

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