Democrats And MSM Run Brutal Smear Campaign Against US Senate Candidate Herschel Walker For Lying About Working With Law Enforcement – Then Cops That Worked With Him Dismantled The Fake News

Law enforcement officials who worked with Georgia Republican U.S. Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker when he volunteered with the Cobbs County Police Department are vouching for the former NFL star amid a sweeping smear campaign arbitrated by Soros-funded Democrats and the corporate press.

To cripple the political prospects of the legendary football star, who is running against Democrat incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock, Walker’s political opponents claim he is a serial liar, has fabricated his past work with the police and has no relationship with law enforcement.

Walker “claimed in 2017 that he was with the Cobb County Police Department in Georgia, but the department has now told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution it has no record of him working there,” Newsweek reports. “His campaign said he was an ‘honorary deputy,’ but the police department could not confirm this.”

“Herschel Walker Used To Brag He Worked In Law Enforcement, But He Never Did,” quips the Huffington Post.

“Herschel Walker falsely claimed to be in law enforcement,” chimed in MSNBC, warning, “Walker has publicly presented himself as having a background that bears little resemblance to his actual life.”

Democrats are not only attempting to derail Walker’s bid for Senate over his alleged fabrication of working in law enforcement but conspire to hold the GOP contender criminally liable.

“It’s a crime in most places to impersonate a law enforcement officer. One of those places is Georgia,” the Root reports in an article syndicated by Yahoo News.

In response, the Walker campaign clarified his relationship with law enforcement.

“Herschel studied criminal justice at UGA [University of Georgia] and has supported and worked with law enforcement for years, including speaking to police about mental health, leading a women’s self-defense training, participating in the FBI Academy at Quantico, and being awarded honorary deputy status in Cobb, along with 3 other Georgia counties,” the Walker campaign said in a statement. “Herschel has always supported our law enforcement and believes Raphael Warnock’s plan to defund the police is irresponsible and dangerous.”

The Cobb County Sheriff and a former commander of the CPD are shutting down the allegations leveled against Walker by the fake news.

Walker’s associate Robert Quigley, a retired commander with the Cobb’s Sheriff’s Office who worked with the Cobbs County Police Department posted a photo of Walker’s “sheriff’s ID card” on social media confirming the Republican candidate, “Was part of our team.”

The ID card is signed by retired Cobb County Sheriff  Neil Warren.

“Despite the ads… Herschel is a supporter (of law enforcement) and was part of our team at Cobb’s Sherriff Office,” the former commander noted in the post. “Saw, spoke and even shared several meals with him while at  [Cobb County Sheriff’s Office].”

Walker “was a volunteer who had a special relationship with the sheriff that included him speaking at the Georgia Sheriff’s Association conference here in Cobb County. It was not uncommon to she him at the sheriff’s office. He has spoken to leadership teams at the sheriff’s office,” Quigley told Around Town, a local publication.

Regardless of the lies told by the media, “I do know the Cobb’s Sherriff’s Office had a relationship with Herschel. He was not an employee. He was not a law enforcement officer, but engaged actively with leadership there,” he added.

“The former commander suspects Walker misspoke when he claimed Cobb Police Department instead of Cobb’s Sheriff’s Office, but his  relationship with Cobb law enforcement is real regardless of what the Warnock campaign would have you believe,” the local publication notes.

Former Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren, a friend of Walker’s for nearly 30 years, confirmed Walker served the Cobb Sheriff’s Office as an honorary deputy and frequently spent time mentoring prisoners.

“He made a lot of differences with a lot of inmate at that facility,” Warren said at a recent campaign . “Herschel Walker is probably one of the best ambassadors for law enforcement in this country. … We need him in the Senate.”

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Walker, a Trump-endorsed candidate, has been endorsed by 100 Georgia sheriffs from both political parties, the Walker campaign announced in a press release on Monday.

Georgia did not go from being a pro-Trump state to electing a communist like Warnock in four years. Democrats will only get away with slander, libel and stealing the next election if we let them.

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