Who’s Counting the Votes in Washington State? Never-Trumper Rep. Beutler Was Way Ahead Now Trump-Endorsed Candidate Joe Kent within Striking Distance with 20k Ballots to Go

Washington State’s elections are a joke since the state went to all mail-in ballots.  We saw this in the 2020 Elections. 

Washington’s Democrat Governor was hated after his tyrannical actions during the COVID crisis.

Far Left Governor Jay Inslee Booed Off Stage in Eastern Washington

Then somehow, Jay Inslee won the election for governor in the state.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Loren Culp Sues Washington Secretary of State for 2020 Election Mismanagement – Demands an Audit of Ballots and Voting Machines

Across the state of Washington, election integrity issues were reported.  It looked like free and fair elections in the state were becoming a thing of the past.

In Cities Across the US, Like Everett, Washington – Free and Fair Elections Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

On Tuesday the state of Washington held primaries for the upcoming 2022 election.  One big race was the US House race for District 3 in the state.  Never Trumper Jamie Herrera Beutler was reportedly in the lead in the race for the representative position she currently holds.  The Conservative Treehouse writes:

As each batch of ballots is counted in Washington State’s 3rd congressional district, MAGA candidate Joe Kent has gained significant ground.

Republican Joe Kent is now within striking distance of primarying Jaime Herrera Beutler, with approximately 30,000 ballots remaining to be counted.

Jamie Herrera Beutler, who voted to impeach President Trump and is one of the MAGA targets for 2022, now has 41,603 votes.  Trump-endorsed Joe Kent has moved from a several thousand vote deficit, into the latest result of 41,346 votes.  The difference is now down to 257 votes.

Washington State has that jungle primary voting system where the top two candidate’s face-off in the general election. According to Kent on Twitter, there are 30,000 ballots left to be counted.  Prayers up!!  Joe Kent might just pull off this victory.

If the next batch of 30,000 ballots, carries the same ratio as today’s batch of 22,000 ballots, Joe Kent will take the lead.

Kent is a warrior who lost his military wife overseas.  He shares:

I was born in a cabin in Sweet Home, Oregon, and grew up in Portland, Oregon.  Growing up, I spent much of my formative years in the Cascades and Columbia River Gorge, thanks to Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts. I have always considered the Pacific Northwest my home and wanted to fight for this nation.

When I was eighteen, I enlisted in the Army as an infantryman and earned my way into the Ranger Regiment and then Special Forces. After 9/11, I volunteered at every opportunity to serve in combat. I did this for over twenty years and eleven combat deployments. I intended to continue to serve our nation in hostile locations abroad until my world turned upside down on January 16th, 2019, when my wife, Shannon Kent, was killed fighting ISIS in Syria. At that moment, I knew I had to step away from putting myself in physical danger so I could be there for our two young sons. Shannon was killed approximately one month after President Trump attempted to pull our troops out of Syria because we had met our military objective. This attempt to end a war brought out the Establishment’s true colors as they resisted him at every step.

Seeing the Establishment’s hubris and contempt for a President that represented the country’s will and the people’s best interests, I knew I had to act. However, this time my fight was to defend America First policies.  No one asked me to do this. I sought out every opportunity and any media outlet that would give me a platform to use my twenty-year expertise physically fighting these wars to articulate how correct President Trump was.   Defending Trump’s policies gave me a taste of the savage fight we face against a hostile mainstream media and deeply entrenched political class. I eagerly sought out the opportunity to defend President Trump when The Atlantic, a well-known publication, printed slanderous accusations about the President.

Let’s pray that this election in Washington is not stolen and the warrior beats the American hater and represents this country the way the people of Washington’s District 3 would like.

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