CNN Columnist Says He Views Trump Supporters ‘No Different’ Than People Who Supported Bin Laden After 9/11

Regular CNN columnist and MSNBC guest Dean Obeidallah has announced that he “LITERALLY” views Trump supporters as being “no different” than al Qaeda supporters after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

In a tweet on Thursday, Obeidallah wrote, “At this point I LITERALLY view people who still support Donald Trump no different than the despicable, vile people who supported Bin Laden after 9/11.”

“The Taliban should be suing the GOP for trademark infringement,” he wrote in another tweet.

“This tweet has really triggered Fox News. Good! It’s 100% correct. As DOJ notes, Jan 6 was an act of “DOMESTIC TERRORISM.” Trump is the reason for that TERRORIST attack. If he accepted his loss, no attack. If you still support Trump today you’re supporting a TERRORIST. Period,” he added in a follow up tweet.

His unhinged tirade also included Obeidallah tweeting that the the Capitol protest on January 6 was a “terrorist attack” incited by Trump, and asking “How soulless are the GOP candidates? They actually fight to get the endorsement of Donald Trump, a man who waged a coup and incited the Jan 6 terrorist attack.”

As part of his crazed tweets, Obeidallah shared the Fox News article about his initial tweets, adding, “‘I ‘LITERALLY’ view Trump supporters as ‘no different’ than bin Laden supporters’ I 100% view anyone STILL supporting Trump after Jan 6 hearings confirmed Trump knowingly sent an armed, angry mob to Capitol to ‘Stop the Steal’ as supporting a TERRORIST.”

Of course, he also took time to call Republicans “Fascists.”

“Daily Reminder: Today’s GOP is no longer a political party, it’s a white nationalist, FASCIST movement that seeks to impose their EXTREME religious beliefs as the law of our land. It must be utterly defeated in order to save our Republic,” he tweeted.

Fox News noted, “Obeidallah’s anger toward GOP and conservatives has even prompted him to question celebrating Independence Day on July 4th. Just ahead of the nation’s biggest celebration, Obeidallah hopped on Twitter to ask, ‘How can our nation celebrate ‘Independence Day’ when the GOP Supreme ‘Court’ just stripped women of the right to personal freedom?!'”

Regarding abortion, the CNN and MSNBC contributor believes that being pro-life is simply “Christian nationalism.”

“The next step in GOP’s embrace of Christian nationalism is amending state constitutions–like they are trying to do today in Kansas–to allow them to impose their extreme religious beliefs as law. This is not a drill. The GOP wants to impose religious law to take our freedoms,” he wrote.

Given the severity of his looney outburst on social media, one has to ask — is he drunk?


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