Biden DOJ Asks Court’s Permission to File 40-Page Response to Trump’s Special Master Request

Joe Biden’s Justice Department on Monday asked the court’s permission to file a 40-page response to Trump’s request for a special master.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Justice Department officials requested court permission to file an extensive response to former President Donald Trump’s special master request.

“The government seeks to file a response up to forty pages in length in order to adequately address the legal and factual issues raised by Plaintiff’s Motion and Supplement and the Court’s August 27 Order requiring a response from the government,” the officials wrote in a filing Monday.

Trump-appointed US District Judge Aileen Cannon from the southern district of Florida on Saturday announced the “preliminary intent to appoint a special master” to review all of the records seized by the FBI during its unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

Judge Cannon said the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago “involved political calculations” to diminish the leading voice of the Republican Party just months before the midterm election.

Every attack on President Trump has been a political calculation to stomp out the voice of the American people.

Trump’s lawyers last week filed a motion seeking to appoint a ‘special master’ to review the boxes of records seized by the FBI on August 8.

A hearing was set for September 1 and Judge Cannon gave the DOJ until August 30 to respond “under seal.”

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