Arizona Governor Finally Takes Action, Stacks Shipping Containers With Razor Wire On Southern Border Wall To Stop Biden’s Invasion – Border Gap Near Yuma CLOSED

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has finally taken a page out of Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake’s border policy, starting with finishing President Trump’s beautiful wall.

Ducey hasn’t gone as far as Lake, who has vowed to declare an invasion starting on day one in office, but he did issue an Executive Order to barricade the border in Yuma, where there is no wall. There was not even a fence in this area.

The Biden Regime has effectively abolished Trump-era illegal immigration policies, and the floodgates are open.

Biden recently ended President Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, and over 6 million illegals are expected to cross the wide-open border yearly.

TX Governor Greg Abbott: Biden’s Plan to End ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy – Will Allow 6 MILLION Illegals a Year to Cross Open US Border (VIDEO)

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the Democrats are giving amnesty and Social Security Numbers to these criminals instead of arresting and prosecuting them.

“Arizona has had enough,” said Ducey in a press release.

Over the weekend, Arizona constructed a new barricade to fill the gaps in Yuma, where the border is empty. We have reported on this completely unrestricted border sector, where illegals just walk into our county and the Cartel brutally rapes women on their journey.

Ducey’s press release continued, “Construction began Friday morning on the thousand-foot gap in the border wall near Yuma, Arizona. Emergency management contractor Ashbritt is constructing the barriers. The 25-person team includes heavy equipment operators, operation supervisors and a safety manager. The project will be completed over the weekend.”

Ducey shared photos and video of the completed construction. The metal shipping containers were welded together, standing 22 feet high and weighing 8,800 lbs.

With Kari Lake, an invasion will be declared, and she will secure the border starting on day one. She responded to this strong move by the Governor on Twitter, saying,

I am pleased Doug Ducey has taken a key part of my platform to Secure the Border & use the power reserved to each State to protect its people and borders.

I thank the Legislators who funded it & I will promptly complete my plan when I take office. That is a promise.

Kari Lake will go even further.

Lake’s bold plan to stop the invasion will expand and empower law enforcement and national guard troops at the border to truly crack down on the Cartels and “narco-terrorists.” Read her full policy here.

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Kari Lake will defend the people of Arizona and end this invasion.

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