WATCH: Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem Explains Historic Arizona Court Hearing To Ban Electronic Voting Machines – SLAMS Mike Pence, Doug Ducey RINO Establishment

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room last Thursday to give updates on the fight for election integrity in Arizona’s 2022 Elections.

Mark Finchem is the Trump-Endorsed candidate for Arizona Secretary of State running in the August 2nd Primary Election. In a recent statement endorsing Finchem, President Trump said, “he is the only candidate who will put an end to the Weak Border and Massive Voter Fraud.”

Finchem joined the War Room on Thursday before a federal court hearing to ban the use of “black box” electronic voting machines in Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Finchem and Trump-Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are seeking a preliminary injunction in federal court to ban the use of unsecured voting machines in the state.

Recently in the Colorado Primary Elections, the shady machines stole another election by flipping the vote totals.

Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem And Kari Lake File Motion To Ban The Use Of “Black Box Electronic Voting Machines” In Midterm Election & Future Elections

Finchem told the War Room what was scheduled to happen on Thursday and what it would mean.

Finchem: We have today, the US District Court is going to hear motions to dismiss. Kari Lake and I filed suit in US District Court, a civil rights suit, to ask for a preliminary injunction against using the Dominion voting machines actually any black box ballot tabulation equipment until such time as we can inspect the code to verify whether or not there is nefarious code hidden within it. This morning, Judge Tishie will hear the motions to dismiss and the defense against those, and then he’s also already scheduled time this afternoon to hear evidence and testimony supporting the temporary injunction, an interesting twist in our minds.

Attorney Kurt Olsen later told Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn in an interview,

Olsen: The Judge has taken the case under advisement. He’s ordered a few items to be filed by each of the parties no later than a week from today. We will be filing ours sooner than that so the order could be coming down very, very quickly. We presented what I think was an incredibly strong case. We had testimony by experts whose job was to test the vulnerabilities of these machines at the voting systems testing labs.

The defendants claimed a hand count of votes would be “impossible” and that it would take months to complete. This is a bogus excuse.

France runs their elections with paper ballots, cast in person and counted by hand.

ABC News reported in April,

French voters in Sunday’s presidential election will use the same system that’s been used for generations: paper ballots that are cast in person and counted by hand. Despite periodic calls for more flexibility or modernization, France doesn’t do mail-in voting, early voting or use voting machines en masse like the United States.

Mail-in voting was banned in 1975 amid fears of potential fraud.

Machine-voting was allowed as an experiment starting in 2002, but the purchase of new machines has been frozen since 2008 due to security concerns.

If France can do it, so can the United States.

This change would not take effect for the Primary election in one week. However, it is needed to secure future elections in Arizona.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on this historic election integrity case.

During the interview, Finchem also slammed the RINO Establishment and Mike Pence for turning their back on the America First cause.

Support Mark Finchem against RINO Ducey-endorsed Beau Lane here.


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