WATCH: Trump-Endorsed AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Exposes Her RINO Primary Opponent’s WOKE Anti-America Agenda

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial frontrunner Kari Lake released a new ad last week exposing her establishment RINO Primary opponent’s anti-American voting record.

Karrin Taylor Robson is the Doug Ducey-endorsed globalist RINO running for Arizona Governor. Kari Lake is the Trump-Endorsed America First candidate.

Robson’s appalling record says it all.

RINO Doug Ducey appointed Robson to the Arizona Board of Regents, the State’s governing board for public universities, in 2017. As a Regent, she voted for liberal America-Last policies, including discounted college tuition rates for illegal immigrants and eliminating second amendment rights on campus. Robson also donated and bundled to elect liberal Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego and other liberal Democrats up and down the ballot.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Democratic Party recently released a statement thanking Robson for supporting and “funneling thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates.”

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Lake went on the record to tell voters the truth about Robson, saying, “Robson is trying to buy this election, but Arizona won’t buy her lies.”

Lake tweeted the video commenting on Robson’s “true colors: Pro-Amnesty and Anti-America First.”

Lake: Hi I’m Kari Lake, the Trump-Endorsed candidate for governor, and I’m running against a real RINO. Karrin Taylor Robson’s voting record is proof. She gave illegals tuition discounts and made us pay for it. She voted for abortion and gun control and refused to vote to end vax and mask mandates on our children. Robson is trying to buy this election, but Arizona won’t buy her lies.

The Primary Election is on August 2nd, and Robson is dumping millions of dollars of her husband’s money into this race along with millions of dollars from PACs and elitist donors. They are investing in the corrupt candidate.

Kari Lake War Room also shared this ad bashing Robson for “leeching off of” Ed Robson, the 91-year-old billionaire real-estate developer in Arizona and husband of Karrin.

The elitist establishment has a lot of stake in this election.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, an anti-Lake Lake super PAC has pledged millions of dollars in support of Karrin Taylor Robson. Robson and her elitist friends are trying to buy the 2022 Election to enrich themselves and continue their reign of power.

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Arizona has a choice this August between liberal RINO political insider Karrin Taylor Robson and the Trump-Endorsed conservative outsider Kari Lake.

Karrin Taylor Robson is a 3rd term of Doug Ducey.

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