UK Activist Tommy Robinson Interviews The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft on Media, Culture and His Latest Project (VIDEO)

(left to right) Peter McIlvenna, Tommy Robinson, Jim Hoft

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft sat down in London with the legendary British activist Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson is the most persecuted activist in Great Britain today. His crimes include standing up against radical Islam, exposing the grooming gangs abusing thousands of young British girls, and defending Britain’s culture, history, and way of life.

He has raised the ire of British politicians and law enforcement with his continued reporting on grooming gangs in the UK.  He has been silenced on mainstream social media, Facebook even admitted on tape that if you dare to say something supportive of Robinson, you will be banned.

Despite threats against himself, including firebombing his car and threats to kidnap and rape his children, Robinson refuses to be silent about what is being done to Britain’s daughters.  Robinson premiered his documentary,  The Rape of Britain, in January of this year.

During last week’s interview, Jim Hoft discussed the Gateway Pundit’s success in breaking stories, including last week’s bombshell report by Cara Castronuova that a whistleblower has leaked a treasure trove of papers and text conversations, marked “Highly Sensitive,” to the Gateway Pundit.

These documents contain incredible exculpatory evidence proving the Department of Justice was aware that a group of Indicted Proud Boys were innocent- yet are prosecuting them anyway.

Below is a partial transcript of what Jim Hoft said during the interview:

“We’ve broken a lot of stories. We’ve changed the narrative like we did this week. We had a big story where the media… are covering the January 6 show trials and these hearings that are going on… they’re saying that Trump was behind a conspiracy to invade the Capitol and insurrection.

We actually released documents this week from a whistleblower [who] works with the Proud Boys. He was an operative for the FBI. He turned in his documents. We have his emails, we have his text messages, [and] we have his transcripts when he spoke with the FBI. All of this we released this week. And what he says is that there was no plan for an insurrection. There was no plan to break into the US Capital. There was no plan of violence. None of this. It was all spontaneous. And these Proud Boys, they went into the Capitol. They didn’t lead the charge in. They went in 30 minutes after people had gone in. A lot of them were invited in, as you know, and then they shook the hands of the police, and they picked up their trash and left.

So this is from the official FBI report. And it didn’t make any headlines [from the fake news media]. It still hasn’t this week. But that’s the reason why they hate Gateway Pundit because we released these factual reports. And they may smear us, you’ll notice, I’m sure, fake news, all this, give it a couple of months, and they’ll catch up to us. Right? Or like the Mueller probe when they were going after Donald Trump for some ridiculous things about Trump with Putin, hookers, and their peeing in beds and stuff, right. We knew that was nonsense the first time we read it, but they caught up to us several years out.”

Jim Hoft described how the media had become increasingly dishonest with the American people over the course of his career.

“When I started writing back in 2004, a little blog, had a couple of 20 readers, and the media was biased then. But today, when you look at the media, they’re just out of control. Everything is a lie, everything they say. It’s not even just slanted, it’s just open lies… they’re telling the American public. I do think the good news is, and I truly believe this. In America, I think people are finally catching on. I think what has helped is our economy is tanking right now. So of course, people are under a lot of stress and pressure in their lives, and then they hear this other stuff, then they see the truth. But I think the media is really losing their grasp that they’ve had. Although, of course, they still can ruin you in the afternoon. They could ruin your name. But anyway, we continue to grow. We’re very popular in the US. We have 2.5 million readers a day.”

Jim Hoft also revealed that TGP is working on a lawsuit where the Attorneys General in Louisiana and in Missouri sued the Biden administration for working with the tech giants to silence conservatives. TGP assisted the lawsuit with evidence. 

Just recently, a court ordered that Joe Biden, officials of his administration, and the tech giants must turn over documents and answer questions within 30 days in a complaint suppressing conservative voices, including The Gateway Pundit. You will hear more about it in the coming days.

“After the 2016 election, in January of 2017, we were the number four most influential conservative website before the election. So immediately after the election, after Media Matters said ‘we’re going to work with the tech giants to shut down this hate speech’….after that, in January, we immediately saw that our traffic from Facebook had gone down to nothing. So they basically wiped out several conservative outlets that were very prominent on Facebook, that were spreading a lot of pro-Trump news, and they crushed us. And we’ve never recaptured our audience that we had.

But we do have a couple of lawsuits that are actually looking promising where the Attorney General is in Louisiana [and] in Missouri… have a lawsuit against the Biden administration for working with the tech giants to silence conservatives. So we feel like we have a pretty good case, and we’ll see.”

You can watch the full interview below via Tommy Robison Official:


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