“I HAVE HAD IT” – RINO Meghan McCain Goes On TRIGGERED Rant Against Kari Lake and Wendy Rogers After Calling Kari a “B*tch” – Arizona State Media Comes To McCain’s Defense, Attacks Lake And Rogers

Meghan McCain’s July 12 Tweet

Trump-Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Trump-Endorsed State Senator Wendy Rogers totally triggered Biden endorser Meghan McCain, the daughter of late Senator John McCain, and sent her on an unhinged Twitter rant late last week. 

After randomly calling Kari a “bi*ch” for no reason, McCain continued her attacks by calling both of them, “hags.”

Kari Lake always calls out the RINO McCain establishment in Arizona. Because of this, Meghan McCain, who can’t get over herself, hates her.

The Fake News Media in Arizona was quick to defend Meghan McCain, claiming that this all stemmed from a Wendy Rogers tweet and attacking Kari Lake. They are both leading in their Primary races, and the dishonest Fake News Media will do anything to stop them.

The Arizona Republic reported,

In her combative, if so far brief, political career Kari Lake, the former TV news anchor who is now a Republican candidate for Arizona governor, has copied the Donald Trump playbook, right down to her use of Twitter as a kind of social media battering ram. You get the idea, she would tweet anything to get attention, which she has. And to get elected, she might.

Enter Meghan McCain.

McCain is no stranger to, ahem, colorful, outspoken takes on Twitter herself. And Wednesday she went after Lake with a vengeance, calling her an “absolute sideshow freak” and a lunatic among other things in a series of tweets.

Why did McCain go after Lake?

This all started, seemingly, when Wendy Rogers — an Arizona state senator who has been censured by her colleagues after making violent and discriminatory comments, just to provide a little context here — tweeted that Lake should start using the term “Maverick.” This, of course, was the nickname often applied to the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, Meghan McCain’s father.

No stranger to Twitter trolling, Rogers tagged McCain. Of course, she did.

Lake turned the tweet into a fundraising opportunity.

Lake then tweeted screenshots of McCain’s “hags” tweet and another asking why, if Lake hates John McCain so much, “did the (expletive) steal my dads nickname?”

Lake, not surprisingly, turned it all into a fundraising opportunity, with the usual bombast and hyperbole her campaign has employed throughout. She called McCain out for name-calling, then said, “All the while, a @HillaryClinton Super PAC launches MILLIONS against @KariLake. Make sense yet? The Establishment on BOTH SIDES is terrified.”

But this all truly started when an unhinged Meghan McCain called Kari Lake a “b*tch” and accused Kari of stealing her father’s infamous nickname, “Maverick.” Kari was actually hosting an event at a venue called “The Maverick.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that Meghan McCain called Kari a b*tch on Wednesday, then deleted the embarrassing tweet.

John McCain’s Daughter Goes All in For Creepy Joe Biden on The View (VIDEO)

On Thursday, Trump-Endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers trolled McCain in response to her random attack on Kari Lake. Lake responded to Rogers’ tweet, saying, “I’d hate to hurt Meg’s feelings. Someone called me ‘MAGA QUEEN.'”

Meghan replied with another nasty insult, calling them both “hags.” Kari Lake commented, wrecking McCain by posting the link to buy her failed book on Amazon.

After losing it again and finally writing, “I have HAD IT,” Meghan McCain continued her rage on Kari Lake with more wild insults.

Days later, on Friday, Lake was still on McCain’s mind.

McCain retweeted a clip of Lake saying, “this is psycho, unhealthy and unhinged,” and expressed fear that Kari would kidnap her. What!?

Meghan McCain started all of this by calling Kari Lake a “b*tch” for no reason.


The biased Fake News Media never misses an opportunity to smear America First Republicans.

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