Peak Delusion: RINO Sellout Liz Cheney Teases Potential GOP Presidential Run in 2024; Tells CNN “We Have to Elect Serious Candidates”

In case you needed any more evidence of how deeply unhinged American politicians are from reality, you need to look no further than neocon swamp creature Liz Cheney, who is actively teasing a presidential bid in 2024.

Following this week’s latest installment of the ridiculous 1/6 show trials, Cheney appeared on CNN’s “State of The Union” on Saturday to recap the hack committee’s latest ‘bombshell’ revelations (spoiler: there were none). In the appearance, host Jake Tapper asked the deeply unpopular Wyoming congresswoman about her upcoming midterm reelection bid and her future political plans.

Despite facing cratering poll numbers in her home state and being despised by conservatives across the board, Cheney feels confident about the upcoming election. So much so that she isn’t ruling out a presidential run in 2024.

Awfully brazen for someone who is getting shellacked by the Trump-endorsed challenger for her congressional seat…

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While nothing is decided as of yet, Cheney explained how she is keeping her options open. If she did enter the race, she would likely go head to head against two-time president-elect Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. The nerve of some people is astonishing.

According to Cheney, America needs to “elect serious candidates” – which is hilarious considering the partisan dog-and-pony show she is currently participating in – so, she is seriously considering throwing her hat into the ring come 2024.

This is peak delusion.

From Cheney, Via The Hill:

“At this point, I haven’t made a decision on 2024 …. I’ll make a decision on 2024 down the road,” Cheney said, adding that she is focused on her work with the Jan. 6 committee.

“But I do think as we look towards the next presidential election, as I said, you know, I believe that our nation stands on the edge of an abyss and I do believe that we all have to really think very seriously about the dangers we face and the threats we face and we have to elect serious candidates,” Cheney said.

Cheney reiterated her indecision on Sunday during an appearance on Fox News. However, she also took the opportunity to take a direct shot at President Trump, who she called “unfit for office” – laughable, considering ol’ pudding brains that we have now. As evidence for this bogus claim, Cheney cited the fake news media’s glowing reaction to the 1/6 show trials earlier this month.

In other words, she is currently taking the temperature for a potential bid in 2024. And, remember, America needs to elect “serious” people… says the deranged hack shouting about “insurrection.”

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Cheney explained to Fox, via The Hill:

“’It [President Trump’s fitness for office] has guided me at every moment since then [January 6th], and it’s guided my work on this committee,’ Cheney told Baier. ‘And … look, it’s not just me saying that Donald Trump is unfit for office. It’s other [Fake News] entities owned by Rupert Murdoch. It’s the New York Post and their editorial on Friday, it’s the Wall Street Journal said the same thing after our hearing on Thursday night.’ 

‘So I’m gonna continue to be guided by making sure I do my duty and making sure that the American people understand through.'”

If we lived in a serious society – with elections that were above-board – Cheney even thinking about a presidential run, let alone remaining in Washington following her treasonous betrayal of her constituents, would get her laughed out of any room in America. Unfortunately, we don’t. So, Cheney gets to make her rounds on the weekend shows to test the waters – which is completely asinine considering her current popularity within Trump’s party indicates that Cheney angling for the nomination in 2024 is laughable at best.

However, it’s worth pointing out that while a Cheney V. Trump debate would be a showdown for the ages (a la’ Hillary V Trump in 2016), it would likely mean that Cheney hangs on to her seat in the midterms – which would not be a good sign for the security of our elections.

If that comes to pass, and Cheney does hang on against all odds, maybe she does have a shot in 2024. After all, if dementia Joe and his crack head crime family can get in, then anything is possible. And, who knows, maybe Cheney will finally drop the RINO act and team up with Hillary if she jumps in.

Now that’s some nightmare fuel.


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