Kamala Harris Couldn’t Keep Montel Williams and She Can’t Keep Her Staff Either

Kamala Harris has a hard time keeping people around her.   She couldn’t keep Montel and she can’t keep her White House staff either.

Only days after the 2020 Election steal, in early November 2020, it came out that Kamala Harris had “dated” Montel Williams in the past.  What wasn’t shared is that it looks like Montel dated Kamala and others at the same time and Kamala knew it.   She appeared to be ok with it and even showed this in public.

Next, some embarrassing pictures of Kamala looking like a hooker more than a future VP were released.  A video of Kamala on the red carpet was released with her and another woman holding Montel’s hands while he introduced her to the media.

Tucker Carlson warned that Kamala was not the person to broker a ceasefire but she might be someone who could date Montel Williams because she did it – while it appears others did as well.

So does it really come as a surprise that Kamala can’t keep anyone in the White House either?  This week another assistant to the VP has announced her departure.

Though we’ve heard one lame excuse after the other from Democrat apologists about why the turnover rate in Kamala Harris’ office seems high considering she hasn’t even hit the two-year mark of her time as Vice President, the fact remains that key people on her team in senior leadership roles are running – not walking – to the exits ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The latest announcement on this front is perhaps the most concerning one for Team Kamala. According to the Washington Post, Harris’ “longest-serving aide” Rohini Kosoglu, who worked as Chief of Staff in her office when she was in the Senate, was part of her failed presidential campaign team, and who currently holds a domestic policy advisor role in the Veep’s office, will be stepping away in August, citing “family time”.

Is Montel looking for a job?

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